Fan of the Week: Sustainability should be paramount, says Jonathan Foster

l-r Gavin Baldwin, John Ryan, Terry Bramall.
l-r Gavin Baldwin, John Ryan, Terry Bramall.

Deal or no deal is the phrase on the lips of many Rovers fans at the moment.

But I’d like to know a little more about what the banker is offering.

Last week’s Free Press contained a lot of eye-catching promises around the new investment proposals that certainly tug on the heart strings of supporters.

It’s the nature of any football fan to dream of seeing their club competing at the highest level, and Mr Phelan’s sales pitch pushes all the buttons.

At face value you could be forgiven for wondering why there isn’t universal backing for the blueprint.

But as Doncaster Rovers fans we need not look too far back at the club’s history to see just why there has been caution in some quarters.

Now in no way am I suggesting that the latest bid is in any way comparable to the infamous episodes of the mid-nineties.

But it’s those very events that make many fans understandably guarded before taking the leap of faith.

Some fans would like to know a little more about who the investors are, what’s in it for them, and why the board cannot unanimously agree to the proposals on the table.

It may be cynical, but there are so many examples of football clubs extending beyond their means, chasing the dream and then being left to bear the costs further down the track.

Some will say that stance lacks vision or ambition.

But I’d like to think the questions are there for good reason - to look behind the door rather than slamming it shut.

I don’t think anyone is against investment per se.

But it has to be the right fit for the club, and on that basis we have to trust and respect the views of all the major shareholders that have, to date, delivered on all their promises and given our club a level of security that we would have traded anything for in the darker times.

Talk of the Premier League is exciting, of course it is.

But the long term sustainability of the club should always be paramount.

If something sounds too good to be true, we have to be absolutely sure that it isn’t just that. ‘Your view’ - turn to p113.