Doncaster Rovers yet to find evidence to support claim Danny Andrew was called 'monkey' by fan in Fleetwood Town clash

Doncaster Rovers insist no evidence has been uncovered to support claims that former player Danny Andrew was called a 'monkey' by a supporter during last weekend's clash with Fleetwood Town.

Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 6:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 1:11 am
Former Rovers player Danny Andrew
Former Rovers player Danny Andrew

The allegation came to light during Fleetwood boss Joey Barton's pre-match press conference on Thursday, when he revealed both he and Andrew had been called in to speak to referee James Adcock and one of his assistants after last weekend's game.

It was then that the pair were informed what the officials had heard. Andrew - who departed Rovers at the end of last season after failing to agree a new contract - claimed to have heard the shout but did not know it was aimed at him.

Barton said he was disgusted by the allegations, which have been reported to the Football Association by the match referee.

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Barton told the Blackpool Gazette: "I was pulled in the referee's room after the game with Danny Andrew. The referee and the linesman said they had heard a Doncaster fan shout 'monkey' towards Danny.

"Danny said he had heard it but he did not know it was directed at him.

"You go in to support your player. The ref said he would file it with the FA and that is the last I heard of it.

"It is disgraceful; it is disgusting. I get we all want to win but there is a line that seriously needs to be nowhere near crossed."

Rovers took the allegation seriously but have yet to unearth any evidence to back up the claim.

A spokesperson for Doncaster Rovers said: "We received an allegation from the officials of racial abuse aimed at Danny Andrew. We have looked into this and and have yet to corroborate the claim.

“As a club we actively take part in many initiatives dedicated to equality and abhor discrimination of any kind.

"We would deal in the strictest possible way with anyone found to act in such a way in the stadium.”