Doncaster Rovers: Ryan ‘wholly satisfied’ with Sequentia proposal

John Ryan
John Ryan

John Ryan has given another clear indication that he fully supports Sequentia Capital S.A’s proposed takeover - and that a deal is far from dead in the water.

An investor from Central American tax haven Belize is the heavyweight behind Sequentia’s bid to buy Rovers outright.

And, in a statement released this week, Ryan reveals he has seen proof of the consortium’s financial firepower.

“Funds were proven by Sequentia Capital S.A’s bank to me and therefore I am wholly satisfied sufficient funds are available to Sequentia Capital S.A to complete the transaction and fund Doncaster Rovers Football Club going forward,” said Ryan.

“The shareholders of Doncaster Rovers Football Club are currently considering the offer,” he adds.

Ryan’s statement was in response to press reports in Ireland which linked billionaire Denis O’Brien to Sequentia.

In it, Ryan says: “I attended a supporters club AGM meeting with [...] fans of Doncaster Rovers Football Club at Keepmoat Stadium on Saturday, 3rd August 2013, and during that meeting I was asked a question if Mr O’Brien was involved.

“I believe the question was loaded and was designed in some way to bring Mr O’Brien into the equation.

“I responded that I understood Mr O’Brien had been involved in the previous transaction with Westferry Limited, represented by Mr Kevin Phelan and Mr Michael Lowry, however my understanding was that he was not involved in the current transaction.

“I have asked Sequentia Capital S.A. in the past 24 hours if Mr O’Brien is involved with their company and I have been assured that he has no involvement whatsoever and that the reports in the media are designed to muddy the waters and drag the Moriarty Tribunal into this particular deal to embarrass people.”

Sequentia representative Kevin Phelan confirmed this week he is working on behalf of a Belize tycoon to ‘acquire 100 per cent of the company which owns the club’.