Doncaster Rovers: Rob Jones is top of the pops

Star of cyberspace: Rob Jones celebrates his goal against Leyton with James Coppinger.
Star of cyberspace: Rob Jones celebrates his goal against Leyton with James Coppinger.

TREND-SETTING Rob Jones won’t let his popularity go to his head - and nor is he about to sign up to Twitter either!

But Rovers’ towering skipper genuinely appreciates the adulation he is receiving both in stadiums and cyberspace.

‘Captain Fantastic’ Jones, who scored his seventh of the season against Orient on Saturday, was trending nationally on social network site Twitter last week after Rovers fans paid homage to their new player coach with a series of light-hearted one-liners (#RobJonesFacts).

Unsurprisingly, it did not go unnoticed in the Doncaster dressing room, even if Jones himself might have been oblivious to it.

“Yes, I heard it was in the top ten or something like that,” laughed Jones.

“It’s all new to me. I’m not a big fan of Twitter, Facebook or things like that. I haven’t got a clue, I’ve just found out how to do emails!

“It makes a massive difference to you as a player though when you know the supporters are with you,” he added.

“It takes a lot of pressure off you. When you first come to a new football club you first want to blend in with the dressing room, which is vitally important.

“Then you want the supporters to acknowledge that you’re working hard for their club, because that’s what supporters want. They want you to give everything you possibly can for their team. It’s all good for me and the team at the moment but things can change very quickly.

“It’s up to me and the gaffer and Lee Butler to keep everything ticking over and everything focused.

“We could do without a week off but it is what it is. It’s up to us to keep our foot on the pedal and keep on moving towards our aim.”

Jones, 33, is relishing the step up to player coach under Brian Flynn and, with ambitions of eventually moving into management, says he won’t have to alter his personality to cope with the demands of the role.

“I don’t get involved in too much banter,” he said.

“I take a back seat which I have done all my career really. I am an approachable character though.

“I might not look like it when I’m playing but I am approachable and if the boys want to speak about anything, or if I pick up on anything, we speak about it and things get sorted.

“The captain looks after his players, that scenario hasn’t changed really, and I think I’m doing that quite well at the moment.”

Rovers’ postponed trip to MK Dons will now be played on Tuesday, March 5.