Doncaster Rovers: Keen-eyed chairman spots flaw with Danny Andrew long throw

Danny Andrew
Danny Andrew

Darren Ferguson may have a surprise new weapon in his scouting arsenal – Doncaster Rovers chairman David Blunt!

And he may well be taking Blunt’s observations on board when it comes to how to deploy the long throw of full back Danny Andrew.

“It was actually my chairman who mentioned this to me,” Ferguson told the Free Press.

“I hadn’t really thought about it.

“Against Gillingham, the long throw stopped the momentum of the game a wee bit.

“When we were really in the ascendency and we were attacking, we’d wait for Joe Wright and Andy Butler to come up.

“It takes them ages to get up the pitch.

“We need to think about how we use it.”

Though it may not be conducive to the rapid momentum with which Ferguson typically wants his teams to play, the Rovers boss admits the considerable ability of Andrew (pictured) from throw-ins is too good not to use.

“It’s a great weapon to have,” Ferguson said. “It’s something we didn’t have last season.

“I think away from home it’s not so bad.

“But when you’re at home and you’re shooting towards our end, if you’re waiting for Joe and Buts, it can just kill it.

“It’s a great thing for us to have in the back pocket though.

“Once Danny had got his range against Gillingham you could see the sort of problems it can cause.

“I think his set piece delivery is excellent and that and the throw definitely add to the team.”