Doncaster Rovers: James Coppinger is a Rovers role model - Dickov

James Coppinger
James Coppinger

The next generation of Doncaster Rovers stars need only look in the direction of James Coppinger for a real-life role model.

That’s Paul Dickov’s glowing appraisal of 33-year-old Coppinger, who tomorrow is set to become just the fourth player to make 400 appearances for Rovers in all competitions.

Dickov said: “James is a model professional, not just on the pitch but how he handles himself around the place.

“He’s a massive example for the younger players we’ve got.

“We like to get the youth lads involved in first team training here and you can do all the coaching with them in the world, but the best lessons those young lads can learn are from professionals like James. We’re lucky to have him here.

“Every single day he’s up there with the best trainers. He’s as fit as he’s ever been, and that’s down to what he does away from here as well as his work in training.

“He’s a very humble guy too,” added Dickov.

“He’s not a shouter or a bawler but he has his say when we have our team meetings and he speaks to individuals.

“He helps manage the changing room from within, and as a manager you need people to do that.”