Doncaster Rovers: Is there a budget for loan signings?

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

Paul Dickov was asked in his post-match press conference with the written media last night if there is a budget for loan signings.

Here’s what the Doncaster Rovers manager had to say:

Reporter: Is there a budget there for loan signings?

PD: As I said last week, if I’m able to sit down and have a conversation about it we will.

Reporter: You haven’t had that conversation yet?

PD: No. I’ve been working.

Reporter: Is it a conversation you want to have sooner rather than later?

PD: What are you trying to say? Seriously, just come out and say what you’re probing at.

Reporter: I’m just wondering whether you want to bring people in or not, and whether you’re able to?

PD: I’m sure if I went to the owners and stressed that there was a certain player I wanted to bring in that they’d back me.

But it’s not as easy as that, as we’ve always found out.

It’s finding the players, it’s clubs letting them go, it’s the finance of the players that we want to bring in - because we want to bring in as good or better than what we’ve got.

I’ve said all along it’s no good going out there and bringing in players and numbers just for the sake of it if it’s not going to make you better.