Doncaster Rovers: ‘I don’t fear a backlash’ - Terry Bramall

John Ryan introduces new club directors Terry Bramall and Dick Watson to the Belle Vue crowd in November 2006.
John Ryan introduces new club directors Terry Bramall and Dick Watson to the Belle Vue crowd in November 2006.
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Terry Bramall says he has no fears about a fan backlash following John Ryan’s resignation.

And, in an interview with the Free Press which exposes the power struggle behind the scenes at Doncaster Rovers, he rebuffs the suggestion that he would be happy to see Rovers in League One if it meant they were more sustainable.

Responding to Ryan’s “step out from the shadows” jibe, Bramall hits back by claiming somebody needed to take control of the club to get it into a financially sustainable state.

He denies that Ryan was cut out of the loop with regards to takeover negotiations.

He also describes Sequentia Capital’s latest buy-out proposal as “something worth working on”.

Brief chants of ‘Bramall out’ were heard at Oakwell moments after Ryan entered the away end on Saturday - and have raised fears that Bramall could now be targeted by fans who blame him for Ryan’s decision to quit.

“I don’t fear a backlash,” Bramall told the Free Press.

“I’ve stood up in front of the supporters and I’ve been quite open about my aims for this club.

“I’m still keen and enthusiastic about the work that needs to be done here, as are 99 per cent of the people at this club.

“This club operates within its means,” he added.

“We’re trying to develop all areas of it.

“We want to play a role in the community, develop the fan base, get the stadium operating to its full potential and have a big a playing budget as possible.

“It’s hard work - but it’s something I’m still very enthusiastic about. I’m not walking away from it.”

Ryan and Bramall are clearly at loggerheads when it comes to their priorities, aims and ambitions.

However, Bramall denies those differences led to Ryan being cut out of the ongoing takeover talks with Sequentia Capital.

Bramall, himself, says he is relaxed about the prospect of either staying or selling.

“Moving forward, there’s two options,” he said.

“Either we are presented with a deal we are prepared to accept or we carry on as we are. I’m quite happy with either option.

“I’m happy with the first option as long as there are reasonable terms that are good for the club and for ourselves.

“The second option is that we continue to run the club like we have for the last six or seven years.

“Somebody needed to take some control and get this club in a sustainable state,” he added.

“That’s where I think we’ve done a great job, but that kind of progress is not as easily measured as the progress you make on the pitch.

“I genuinely don’t know what caused John to resign,” he continued.

“He’s been negotiating on his behalf and he’s come to us with done deals, not consenting with us.

“He came to us the first time and the terms of the deal were unacceptable [not enough money up front]. Now he’s come back and this time it’s something worth working on.

“I don’t know what game John is playing by resigning. I just don’t understand it.”

Bramall also took umbrage at accusations from Ryan that he is not interested in football, and would be happy to see the club in League One.

“I’m not happy to see the club in League One. That’s not the case.

“Paul [Dickov] knew our budget at the start of the season and he is fully aware of the target we have set him.

“John also says I’m not a fan - but just because I’m not as visible as him, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when the team get beaten.”