Doncaster Rovers: “I’d had enough”, admits Dick Watson

Dick Watson
Dick Watson

Co-owner Dick Watson has laid bare his recent health problems and admitted he agreed to sell his stake in the club because “he’d had enough”.

Watson told fans at last week’s Meet The Owners event that last summer’s takeover negotiations with Sequentia Capital and his long-running health issues had taken their toll on him and he was ready to walk away from football.

The Scot also revealed his dissatisfaction at the way John Ryan’s resignation as chairman played out last November.

But after agreeing to sell his 24 per cent stake earlier this summer, Watson told supporters he is fully committed to the cause following the collapse of Ryan’s recent takeover bid.

Watson said: “I’ve had a fairly tough time over the last four years.

“I’ve had four lots of angioplasty, five stents, a stroke and then finally, on the day we played Leicester City on the last day of the season, I had a double heart bypass and a replacement aortic valve.

“I’ve been through a lot. That was one of the reasons why we decided to give John the chance [to buy the club].

“Terry [Bramall] said to me ‘I’ll be very much influenced by what you feel, Dick’.

“Basically, I had to consider my health. And I didn’t enjoy all the shenanigans of last summer which rolled on into the start of the season.

“I didn’t enjoy what happened at Barnsley [John Ryan’s resignation]. Not one little bit did I enjoy that.

“So when it came to it, Terry came to me and said ‘what do you want to do Dick?’

“I said ‘well basically at this point in time I’ve had enough and if John does want to proceed and gain control of the club again, let’s give him the opportunity’.

“That’s what we all decided upon, but as we’ve come to realise they couldn’t complete the deal.

“We’re back in with full commitment,” he added.

“I’m feeling a lot better.

“We’ll certainly be working hard on the job for the next 12 months.”