Doncaster Rovers: Ferguson won’t sign players just to make up numbers

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

Doncaster Rovers boss Darren Ferguson insists he will not sign players simply to boost the size of his squad.

After failing to land Steven Taylor and examining the rest of the transfer market, Ferguson this week stood down his search for a centre half.

The move has led to concerns that Rovers will be lacking squad depth heading into the League One campaign.

But Ferguson insist he will not sign players simply to make up the numbers.

“Numbers-wise, we could do with more but we’re hoping to add three more, on top of the three players that are injured,” Ferguson told The Star. “That would make the numbers ok.

“Overall I feel the players I’ve brought in will improve the squad and that is why you recruit.

“I could recruit ten players for the same value as the four that have come in but they wouldn’t be the quality of those four.

“Without being disrespectful, there was a lot of that sort of player here when I arrived.

“The quantity was good but not the quality.”

Rovers missed out on the signing of centre half Taylor earlier this week after he opted to join Peterborough United.

And Ferguson says they face strong competition for the young Premier League midfielder they hope to secure on loan for the start of the season.

But the Rovers boss expects that to be the case as they look to make quality additions to the squad.

“When you go for the certain players I’m going for and the type, real good quality, then there is obviously more of a chance of not always getting them in,” he said.

“With the loan midfielder, again there are other clubs in for him and you just have to hope.

“Hopefully we’ll get an answer on him before the weekend.

“If we don’t get him, there might be the chance of another one.

“Our recruitment has been good, well prepared and it always has been.”