Doncaster Rovers: Fans’ chief fears Ryan could quit club

Len South, pictured presenting Rob Jones with the 2012/13 Supporters Club's Player of the Year award.
Len South, pictured presenting Rob Jones with the 2012/13 Supporters Club's Player of the Year award.

The chairman of Doncaster Rovers’ official supporters club fears John Ryan could walk away from the club if Sequentia Capital’s proposed takeover falls through.

Len South has urged the club’s shareholders to have faith in Ryan after Rovers’ chairman publicly backed Sequentia’s buy-out proposal.

The 60-year-old released a statement this week on behalf of Rovers’ official supporters club in support of both Ryan and the Irish-led consortium’s bid to buy the club.

He calls for fans to unite behind Ryan - and expresses his fear that Doncaster’s long-serving supremo could quit if the Sequentia deal collapses.

In a statement South, of Wheatley Hills, said: “As chairman of the Doncaster Rovers supporters club I believe that, from what I have heard from the terraces and in committee meetings, it is time to make our position clear in respect of the recent proposed Irish investment.

“I believe that I can speak for the majority of fans who are fully in support of John Ryan.

“John Ryan and his family have become the target for some quite nasty criticism from a small minority in recent weeks and it is time for Rovers fans to get behind John in his efforts to move our club on to the next level.

“The other major shareholders of the club need to have the same faith in John Ryan that the fans have had for the past 15 years and either support him or move on to other projects.

“Let’s not forget this is not just for Rovers. It is for the Dons, the athletics club and the Belles but, maybe more importantly, the economic value to the town in terms of jobs and investment in the town in the future.”

Rovers’ official supporters club boasts around 700 members.

South, who has chaired the organisation for the last ten years, also spoke to the Free Press, adding: “I think this [Sequentia Capital offer] is a golden opportunity which shouldn’t be turned down.

“The club is going to stagnate if we don’t move forward and I’m worried that John will consider his future if the club just carries on with the status quo.

“It’s a club I know he loves. And it’s a club we all love. We don’t want to see the club stagnate and get relegated.

“We’re doing okay at the moment. But if we don’t get investment into the club then it’s not going to go anywhere. We won’t attract players to the club, the crowds will suffer and we’ll lose games. We’ve had five years in the Conference and we don’t want to go back to those days.”