Doncaster Rovers ‘did not suffer culture shock’

Doncaster Rovers manager Darren Ferguson. Photo: ''Andrew Roe
Doncaster Rovers manager Darren Ferguson. Photo: ''Andrew Roe

Darren Ferguson denied his Doncaster Rovers suffered from a culture shock during their opening day defeat to Accrington Stanley.

The small, compact and basic facilities at Accrington’s Wham Stadium were a far cry from some of the grounds Rovers have been accustomed to visiting in recent seasons.

But Ferguson insists it was a lack of concentration which cost his side dearly rather than his players being out of their comfort zone.

And he remains confident his side will be challenging for promotion at the end of the season despite the errors of the 3-2 defeat.

“It wasn’t a culture shock – not for me, I’ve been here before.” Ferguson told The Star. “The players are going to have to get used to it.

“The perfect way of dealing with it is getting out of the division and not having to come back, no disrespect.

“We have to get used to it and deal with it and it’s probably one of the big things we definitely have to deal with.

“But there’s more than enough in the squad that have played at this level.

“I would never disrespect the league, this is a tough league. The players knew that before.

“It wasn’t a case of being unexpected what happened to us. It’s not that sort of league, it’s a tough league to get out of. There’s different ways of having to deal with it.

“Today hasn’t changed my mind and when it comes to the business end, I think we’ll be there.”

Ferguson handed debuts to new loan signings Jordan Houghton and Niall Mason at Accrington.

Houghton arrived from Chelsea with Mason joining from Aston Villa, both until January.

Ferguson said: “Jordan is a good footballer with good experience of the league.

“That was important. He played at Plymouth and then went to Gillingham in a higher league.

“He’s a good size and I think he’ll cope physically with the league.

“With Luke McCullough being out, I had to look for someone.

“Young Mason is a good player who can play in many positions which was the attraction for him.

“They’re two good additions and we feel they’ll do well for us.”