Doncaster Rovers: Dickov relishing raised expectations after takeover

louis Tomlinson and John Ryan
louis Tomlinson and John Ryan

Paul Dickov says he is relishing the added weight of expectation the takeover of Doncaster Rovers will put on his shoulders.

Yesterday the deal for One Direction star Louis Tomlinson and former chairman John Ryan to take control of Rovers was confirmed.

And the pair were quick to announce a boosted budget for Dickov to plot an immediate return to the Championship.

The Rovers boss cannot wait to get his business underway.

“What John and Louis have done raises the expectation at the club but that is something I’m looking forward to,” Dickov told the Star.

“We’ll be up there in budget size with four or five clubs that will be looking to go up automatically.

“As a manager that’s all you can ask for.

“We want a chance and this gives us a great chance to deliver.

“This budget lets me change things around if I have to and get some high quality players in for League One.

“I’m confident with the budget I can put a team together to go straight back up again.”

Dickov admits he has been putting together two shopping lists over the last few weeks - one based on the budget set by the previous owners and a more ambitious one based on increased finances.

Dickov said: “I had a budget set for me that I had to work to and I was very confident with that.

“Knowing about this for the last few weeks, I’ve had two different budgets in mind.

“It’s a healthy budget for the level that I have now, that’s all I’ll say and that’s no discredit to anyone who has been involved in the club or that will be involved.

“That’s not to say the players I was originally looking at are now off the radar.”

Dickov says Rovers have a new selling point now Tomlinson is on board.

“Having John and Louis on board gives me something else to sell to players we might be looking at,” he said.

“The selling point is a lot different because of the ambition the club has got.

“It’s an attraction to players. “I’ve said to some of them, don’t come back next year and wish this was something you were part of.”