Doncaster Rovers: Dickov looks left to get it right

Yun Suk-Young
Yun Suk-Young

Paul Dickov admits he is looking to balance things up at Rovers.

And the return of QPR loanee Yun Suk-Young could give him the chance to do that.

Dickov is considering deploying the South Korea international on the left wing in order to rid the lop-sided nature of Rovers’ midfield.

“Having left-footed players gives you a nice balance throughout the team,” Dickov told the Star. “We went through a period this season where we had no left-footers.

“Now we’ve got Martin Woods, Enda Stevens and Yun so it would be silly not to use them, especially with them being good footballers.

“If you look a most squads they don’t have that, they are predominantly right-footed.

“You know a right-footed left back will always cut in so it’s predictable and can stop the flow of play. A right-footed winger, rather than putting a cross in early, has to cut back which allows the other team to get organised.

“It still baffles me why some players won’t kick with their other foot but maybe I’m a bit old school.

“Good left-sided players are like rocking horse poo now. People who’ve got them don’t want to let them go.

“Yun is as comfortable playing on the left wing as he is at left back.

“It’s an added bonus that we will consider using.”

Yun is rated as having ‘a slight chance’ of playing against Leeds at the Keepmoat today after stepping up his return from injury.