Doncaster Rovers: Dickov explains Quinn and Wellens stance

Richie Wellens. Picture: Steve Uttley.
Richie Wellens. Picture: Steve Uttley.

Paul Dickov says considering Paul Quinn and Richie Wellens for selection would be unfair on the other players in the squad.

The experienced duo are looking for new clubs after activating relegation release clauses in their contracts.

They are contracted to Doncaster for another year - but won’t be considered for selection before the transfer window shuts on August 31.

Here’s what Dickov recently told reporters:

Reporter: So Paul Quinn and Richie Wellens won’t be involved before August 31?

Dickov: It sends out the wrong message - especially when you’ve got players that are training, working hard every day, looking to get into the team.

I’m not slagging anyone off here, because I’ve got a lot of time for Richie.

But, at the same time, we need to be prepared and have people who are fully committed to spending the season with us.

Reporter: When it comes to August 31 what happens then? Are they gone, or can they stay?

Dickov: They’ll be staying because it’s outside the window. Like any other player that’s contracted, they won’t be able to move.

Reporter: Is that what you hope will happen?

Dickov: We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. You can’t pre-empt things.

They’ve both got the clauses which allows them to leave for nothing, so up until that point [Aug 31] there’s not a lot we can do about it. We’ll deal with it when it happens.