Doncaster Rovers: Darren Moore talks the challenge of teams 'figuring Rovers out'

Darren Moore admits the big challenge ahead for Doncaster Rovers is handling opposition teams that seek to nullify them.

Saturday, 9th November 2019, 6:05 am
Darren Moore

Rovers were well stifled by Burton Albion last weekend, as they had been previously by the likes Oxford United, Blackpool and Portsmouth.

Each of those teams sought to prevent Rovers from playing out from the back and building attacks across the pitch, as they have done successfully this season.

As more teams become wise to and wary of Rovers' brand of football, Moore believes his side need to learn how to adapt and overcome such challenges.

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And is says that will start at AFC Wimbledon in the FA Cup this weekend.

"While the players will take the plaudits for the way they've performed over weeks and months, we've got to realise that every team is not going to come here and play ball with us," Moore told the Free Press.

"They're going to come here with a game plan.

"We've spoken about it before but it's up to us to overcome those difficulties.

"We know what is going to be coming, the teams that are ahead of us but we need to deliver the performances to combat what is coming.

"That is what we're working on - finding ways and answers when teams come and want to stop us doing what we do.

"It's a wonderful challenge and I look on it as a compliment, that they are doing what they are doing

"We carry the utmost respect against any opposition we come up against. We always work in detail to try to win a game and that won't ever change going forward.

"But at the same time you have to remember there is opposition teams working on us and trying to combat what we're about.

"That is the challenge we face in the games."

Moore is aiming to instil a stronger degree of adaptability into his side so they are able to react to how opposition teams set out against them.

While he has spoken of his desire for individual thinkers within his ranks, the Rovers boss believes the ability to react to rival teams will only come successfully as a collective.

Moore also reiterated praise for his squad for the progress they have made in such a short time under his stewardship.

"It's not just the one individual, it's about us as a group," Moore said. "You only overcome it as a group.

"We're still only three months in and with all the fixtures, the little amount of contact time to work on it, you have to remember those kind of things.

"If you get time to draw a breath you see that, and you keep working and don't lose the focus.

"We have to keep working and trusting what we're doing.

"It's a new group, playing a new style to that was set previously.

"Together we are working and I've been pleased with the work. I'm not satisfied because there is always work to do.

"I just want to be able to ask 'have I maxed out the work today?' and say 'yes I have.' So I can sit happy with the work done today.

"But we continue to try to get better again.

"For me it's just continued work, looking for continued understanding, improvement, cohesion and that won't stop."