Doncaster Rovers: Darren Ferguson confident of ‘good season’ - but refuses to set specific target

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

Darren Ferguson remains confident Doncaster Rovers can still have a good season.

But he’s unwilling to define what a ‘good season’ would be.

Rovers, who bounced back from their horrible defeat to Walsall by beating Bury, go to National League side Ebbsfleet United in the FA Cup this weekend.

“There’s only two teams won more games than us in October in the league. We won three out of five,” said Ferguson.

“The disappointment of the month was the manner of the defeat against Walsall. But it has been a one-off.

“Everyone knows with the way the season has gone that we need to find more consistency.

“I’m still confident that we can have a good season. There’s a really good togetherness about everyone.

“We need to win more games, we know that.

“If we can find consistency in results, as opposed to performances, then we can still have a good season, whatever that may be.

“I’m not going to put an actual position on it because then it brings its own pressures and I don’t feel we need to do that.

“I’m not happy with being 17th, that’s clear. No one is, right the way through the club.”