Dickov to receive Football League fair play award

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

Paul Dickov is to receive a special fair play award from The Football League to mark his act of sportsmanship on the opening weekend of the season.

Dickov ordered his players to allow Bury to score during stoppage time after Doncaster’s Harry Forrester accidentally put his side ahead when attempting to play the ball back to Shakers’ goalkeeper Christian Walton.

Following Dickov’s intervention, Bury striker Leon Clarke was allowed to walk the ball into the Rovers net to level proceedings.

Shaun Harvey, chief executive of The Football League, said: “Every club manager wants to begin the new season with three points, so for Paul to focus on the game’s best interests at a moment of intense pressure is something that deserves this special recognition.”

Dickov said: “I’m actually a little bit embarrassed by all the plaudits to be honest. I think any other manager in my position would have done the same thing.

“One thing we have here at Doncaster within football is a really good name and it was important to keep that.

“The reaction it’s had has been absolutely fantastic, especially with coverage coming from all over the world.

“People have been very supportive and if anything, it’s raised the profile of the ethos of this club which is great for everyone. But away from all that, I firmly believe it was the right thing to do.”