Bucky’s Blog: The time is right to give Harry Middleton his chance

Harry Middleton
Harry Middleton

If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

Just look at the lad Reece Oxford at West Ham. Aged just 16, he was outstanding against Arsenal at the weekend.

At Rovers the name on everyone’s lips is Harry Middleton and it would be nice to see him get a chance this week - a busy week.

I understand the argument of a young player being inexperienced but how do you get the experience unless you’re thrown in?

Middleton has looked good so far whenever he’s played and Paul Dickov has said when he’s spoken about it that he’ll get minutes this season.

Even on Saturday, as a late substitute, he showed that he’s got a calm head and is capable of keeping the ball.

Middleton might best suit a midfield three. That would give more licence to players like James Coppinger and Richie Wellens to push on and get behind Andy Williams.

Dickov said that he was happy with the debut of Richard Chaplow but I think he’ll benefit when Paul Keegan returns to the side.

The feeling is that Keegan will start in midfield when he’s fit, hopefully against Leeds.

He’s ideal in a midfield three too because the others then have more of a licence as he gets hold of the ball.

I think Nathan Tyson must have had a knock as I don’t see why else he wouldn’t have started when there’s two up front.

The centre backs were excellent at the weekend, but you know what you’re going to get with Andy Butler and Rob Jones. They’d die for the shirt and you cannot buy that. Thorsten Stuckmann was tremendous as well.

I’m a big fan of Luke McCullough but I don’t know if he’s at his best at right back.

Bury were a good unit and I think they look strong enough to compete for the top eight.

Leon Clarke could have scored a few on another day. Although it looked like we should have had a stonewall penalty. Bury perhaps shaded it on points.

I don’t know how the manager will set up against Leeds but with it being Leeds at home, you want to get something. It’s a one off game. I’m hoping Tyson will be fit enough to start.

Predictions: Rovers 1 Leeds 1; Wigan 1 Rovers 2; Rovers 3 Southend 1