Bucky’s Blog: The job is Rob Jones’ to lose

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I still think the managers’ job is Rob Jones’ to lose.

A win this Saturday will do him the world of good.

A big factor surely is who is going to come through the gate to support the team?

I think the fans will turn out for Jones, they’ll buy into his ways. He already has the relationship with the fans.

It seems an obvious thing to say but he really needs a win. And if he can get that victory he can take it from there.

The Walsall game shows that a game is never over until it’s over.

I’m told that we didn’t play badly and that it was just a couple of individual errors that have cost us a game. I keep saying it but we just need a break.

There’s the question of whether Jones will pick himself for the upcoming games but I don’t think he will. It just puts even more pressure on himself.

I think in training, now that he’s had a week in charge of the players, he’ll have installed more desire in the camp.

It’s not always that simple and it can take a little while, but I’m sure he’ll also want to create more in the opposition’s half. The way we’ve been playing at home has stopped fans coming.

It’s a different game to what it used to be. Billy Bremner would always have risked losing 5-4 rather than trying to win 1-0.

Although Jones is a defender I’ve had reports from people who watch the under 21s that his side is really well structured, and he coaches with a good blend of confidence in his own opinion, as well as leaning on others for advice.

Hence why he’s taken Paul Stancliffe with him into the dugout. He’s a bank of knowledge who’s been in the game for years.

I hope Jones goes with two up front because I want to see us get the ball in the box from wide and have two strikers to aim at.

Andy Williams looks like a good investment to me, even if he hasn’t been able to fully show it yet due to the team’s poor form.

I still feel if we can provide for the strikers, the defence is strong enough to get us through a game.

Get four points from the next two games and things don’t look too bad.

Prediction: Rovers 3 Oldham 1.