BUCKY’S BLOG: Stay positive - and expect the unexpected with Rovers!

Harry Forrester
Harry Forrester

How disappointing to lose like that.

Credit to Swindon, I think they were the better team in the first half.

They play it around well and proved why they’re up there, and I can see them going up.

When you lose, people straight away start talking about systems. But I thought in the second half we were all over them, it just happens.

Systems are all about the players playing them. And I thought Dean Furman played well in the centre. He always works his socks off, but in the first half when he was winning tackles, nobody was there to pick up possession.

Should we play two wingers? The new lad Clarke-Harris has done okay, but Harry Forrester can beat players. I would start him. He was on fire a month or so ago, and maybe he’s not quite at the same level now, but I think he’s a confidence player. He likes to feel relevant. So are you getting the best out of him when he comes off the bench?

James Coppinger shouldn’t be too far from returning too, and we know how much of a difference he makes.

I think Nathan Tyson has been a success out wide. I like him through the middle too, but he’s quick, and the amount of balls he got across on Tuesday night was encouraging. It’s the strikers’ and the midfielders’ job to put them in.

The high press worked in the second half and we stopped Swindon playing out from the back. In the first half Swindon were relaxed in possession and even the goalkeeper was coming out to play, so I think the players followed the manager’s half time team talk very well in that respect. Curtis Main stayed up there and put pressure on and Rovers were much better.

But Paul Dickov was hurting after the game, you could tell he was frustrated. You can take the wrong message from the game and think we’re done, but I think we just need to stay positive.

My gut feeling is that we can still do it. You sense Rovers can always surprise you, they’re always capable.

You can say we haven’t won enough home games which is fair enough, and I almost don’t want to say it, but there are so many times when all we need is a break. On Tuesday night, we’d go into challenges and the ball just falls to them and stops us being able to counter. It’ll be interesting to see how the manager sets up at Coventry.