Bucky’s Blog: Rovers need to take the positives

We shouldn't be downbeat about Tuesday's draw, says John Buckley
We shouldn't be downbeat about Tuesday's draw, says John Buckley

I think we should take the positives from the goalless draw with Crawley Town.

Rovers had their chances and a team on a good run would have put them away.

Rovers just need to get over this obstacle where they seem to be playing under pressure and don’t want to make mistakes.

They need confidence - and that comes with a good run of form.

Yes, it was a missed opportunity against Crawley on Tuesday night but look at it from another point of view - it’s a point at home, a clean sheet and could provide a catalyst for the team as they prepare for Chesterfield and Fulham.

I’ve heard some people calling for a change in management. For me, it would be the wrong time to do that.

I think if we’re struggling post-Christmas then maybe that’s the time to look into the management side of things but for now, I wouldn’t drastically change things.

If I was in the manager’s position, I’d be telling the players to look at the positives and to use the draw at home as a platform for Chesterfield who are doing incredibly well at the moment.

The home game with the Spireites has probably come at a good time because a strong result against a team who are flying in the league can do wonders for confidence.

Rovers have always seemed to be a team who play better against stronger sides too, so the fixture on Saturday could work in their favour.

The players have got a strong pysche because they do perform well against the ‘bigger’ teams, so they need to tap into that at the weekend and turn their fortunes around.

The same goes for Fulham on Tuesday night too - there’s nothing to lose. Rovers can play without pressure. They just need to start putting their chances away and get their confidence back.