Bucky’s Blog: Now’s the time to start winning again!

John Buckley
John Buckley

Sooner or later we need to start picking wins up - and there’d be no better place to start than these next two games.

Friday night is a massive game. It has the potential to be a bit like a cup tie. Victory would certainly give everyone at the club a huge lift after a difficult fortnight.

Whereas a draw was a good result at Barnsley, it won’t be on this occasion.

When you’re playing teams beneath you in the table you really need to take full advantage. Yeovil are in a hole and this is a great opportunity to dig them deeper in it.

Psychology will play a part at Charlton on Tuesday night.

From a mental point of view, you’re going into that game thinking you’ve already put them to bed. So, for me, four points from these two games would be an excellent return.

I’d love to see us score an early goal against Yeovil.

It would really settle everyone down - fans and players alike - because there is a bit of pressure on this game.

The fact the game’s on television too, that adds another edge, although as a player you tend to forget about that as soon as the first ball is kicked.

If you look back at the big games, and games on television, Rovers don’t have a bad record at all. Although after Middlesbrough, these boys might feel they have a bit of a point to prove in front of the cameras.

I certainly expect Rovers to come out and have a real go at Yeovil.

I would definitely play James Coppinger from the start and I’d definitely play someone up there alongside Chris Brown.

I’ve always liked Copps, the only question is where do you play him?

Sometimes he can go unnoticed if he doesn’t get the ball, but that can happen if you’re a wide player.

But he’s the type of player who can unlock a defence. The more we can get him on the ball, the better.

I like the lad Mark Duffy too. If we can get him and Copps on the ball and running at people, Richie Wellens keeping hold of it and Theo Robinson running beyond Browny, we’ll cause Yeovil problems.

My big wish for the game is that the stuff with John Ryan is put to one side. I hope supporters don’t take their frustration out on Terry Bramall.

Those two guys have obviously got a different opinion and it’s down to them to resolve that.

Nobody else really knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

I think it would be a huge mistake if people start taking it out on Terry - he’s obviously put quite a bit of money into the club over the last few years.