Bucky’s Blog: Form is temporary - but James Coppinger’s class is permanent

James Coppinger
James Coppinger

James Coppinger did well once again on Saturday. He did brilliantly for the second goal.

Any critics that he does have, he continues to answer them. Just look at the number of appearances he has. He’s a great player with great feet.

Nobody is always at their best and there’s been a suggestion recently that perhaps he isn’t managing to get the ball into the box as well as he usually does. But that is form, and it happens.

He gives 100 per cent every single time he crosses the line. You ask any team in this division, and probably in the Championship too, and they’d love to have him.

A couple of years ago there was talk of him leaving, perhaps going back closer to home. But he loves this club and he’ll be sadly missed when he does leave.

He’s earned all the accolades he gets, and not just because of what he does on the pitch, but because he is a great person too.

With other players, if they were about to get the appearance record you’d just acknowledge it and say ‘well done’, but with Coppinger, he really does deserve to be recognised.

He’s spoken to me before about possibly coming down and helping coach the younger lads with me at the club.

It’s brilliant that he’d do that, he’ll be able to offer such inspiration to the players looking to come through.

I think Rovers deserved to win Darren Ferguson’s first home game as boss, although I can’t believe that Colchester didn’t score.

The visitors looked a good side to me, but Thorsten Stuckmann had his best game yet and pulled off some unbelievable saves.

But in the second half Rovers were good and deserved to win. The confidence that will bring could be vital.

Conor Grant and Harry Middleton did well in midfield. But Richie Wellens will surely still play a big part, it’s a long season.

We should win on Saturday, but you want to avoid a banana skin. I don’t know if Ferguson will shuffle the pack or not, because the temptation will be there, but it’s also important to try and get a run of consistency going.

Prediction: Rovers 3 Stalybridge 0