Bucky’s Blog: Fine margins are costing Doncaster Rovers dear

Thorsten Stuckmann
Thorsten Stuckmann

The last four games have seen us lose by a solitary goal.

These are narrow margins we’re talking about here. Losing a few in a row like this looks really bad, but these games can go the other way, I really don’t think there’s a lot of difference in quality between teams in this league from what I’ve seen so far this season.

Millwall represent a tough challenge but I think it’s so important to take your chances in these games, especially when you’re not playing well as a team.

You need someone just to put your noses in front.

I still don’t think we’ll be relegated. But it’s obviously worrying to be so close to that zone at this stage of the season.

Conor Grant was still rusty on Saturday, you could tell he’s had a spell out. I said he’d make the difference, and I still think he will. He’ll just need a couple of games to get back into the swing of it.

But the best team won on Saturday at Oakwell, I have to admit. I thought Barnsley should have been a couple of goals up at half time.

Rovers actually improved in the second half, James Coppinger made a difference and we had a couple of chances.

But Thorsten Stuckmann was Rovers’ man of the match and that says a lot.

Darren Ferguson is three or four players short and he knows it. I think he’ll be aware that he needs a new centre back in the summer.

And I think we’re lacking depth on the right, because on the left Cedric Evina offers a lot going forward despite not being the best at the back. But it’s a frailty you accept, and we haven’t got the same intent from wing back on the right of the system.

Ferguson came down to watch Rovers’ under 16s play last week and I think two or three of them would have made him think.

He said the team were doing well and I think a few of them made an impression.

Bucky’s charity bet: Rovers 2 Millwall 0, Swindon 1 Rovers 1