Darren Moore hunting for the right players for Doncaster Rovers - so what constitutes 'right?'

Darren Moore has made it clear - it is not about simply getting players into Doncaster Rovers this month, it is about getting the right players in.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 5:00 pm

But, as he presses on with his search, what exactly does a ‘right’ player constistute for the Rovers boss?

“Right age, right personality, type of player whether it be defence, midfield or attack - it’s the right one that has got to fit that really,” Moore told the Free Press.

“Those are some of the characteristics you look for with the type of player you want to add and keep that fluidity to the team and the balance to it too.

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Doncaster Rovers manager Darren Moore

“Those are the things you look for in the players, trying to bring them here.”

One characteristic which stood out among those mentioned was ‘right age.’

The Rovers squad already possesses one of the youngest average ages in League One at a little over 23 years.

And that is not something Moore is keen to change any time soon.

“We’ve got a relatively young squad when you average out the age of the team,” he said. “You’ve just got to keep that going.

“With a young squad like that there is always improvement and there are always parts of their game where they’re trying to get better. There’s new parts of their game where you’re trying to develop them and we relish that.

“Sometimes there might be an experienced campaigner that comes up that we feel is right.

“But we feel we have enough experienced campaigners here, aided by the younger players to add that really.

“You look for those kind of things because age is important to us in terms of going forward as one of the factors.”

The Rovers squad contains only three players over 30 – James Coppinger, Matty Blair and Alex Baptiste – with just a further four not aged 25 or younger – Jon Taylor, Tom Anderson, Reece James and Rakish Bingham.

Moore is keen to build for the future and see younger players as key to that.