Darren Moore has the cure of transfer market fatigue at Doncaster Rovers - you just need to be patient: Liam Hoden column

A severe case of transfer market fatigue has set in around Doncaster.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 5:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 12:21 pm

Supporter furore, conspiracy theories and a manager weary of relentless questioning on the same topic all bear the hallmarks of the condition.

As with anyone suffering from an ailment, the last thing they want to be told is that they need to show patience as they await the means for recovery.

But in this situation, patience among patients is most certainly a virtue.

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Darren Moore

Dr Darren Moore and his team of support staff are convinced they have the remedy, dressed up in a phial marked ‘Plan A.’

And if circumstances mean that cannot be administered, ‘Plan B’ and so on will be called upon as they seek to eradicate the condition before the end of the month.

Partially throwing away a particularly strained medical metaphor, ultimately the only real cure to this situation is a successful resolution to the hunt for new additions at Doncaster Rovers inside the next fortnight.

No one is in any doubt that additions are needed to both maintain Rovers’ upward momentum and set them up for the future. The manager himself emphasised this in his most emphatic terms yet, less than a week ago.

The club’s hierarchy have backed Moore’s approach to the transfer market and have faith that his methods will deliver the right outcome.

In the meantime, all that can reasonably be done by supporters is to deliver a similar show of faith in Moore.

The Rovers boss cut a very frustrated figure during questioning over potential new additions following Saturday’s defeat to Coventry City.

It seemed that some supporters afterwards believed Moore’s frustrations were directed to those above him at the club. As though he was in some way sending a message that he needed to be backed in the transfer market to get the deals he wants done.

That was simply not the case.

Any annoyance on Moore’s part came due to more probing on the same issue he had been repeatedly asked about for weeks on end.

And that annoyance is sparked further because of Moore’s own assurance about what he is doing and the plans he feels are firmly in place.

His ‘Plan A’, for want of a better term, is still active and remains a distinct possibility. Multiple deals, dependent on each other for Moore’s overall plan and triggered by each other.

Moore is comfortable with the wait, preferring not to divert his attention and miss out on his top choices - those who he sees as most right for the club - due to his own actions.

And is he also confident he can quickly enact ‘Plan B’ if required in the final days of the window.

Then there is the sizeable dossier of potential targets, enhanced since the arrival of talent identification manager Adam Henshall.

Enquiries have been made about what players are available from where - or what it would take to ensure they become available. And then analysis and background research has been extensive to determine whether they are the fabled ‘right’ sort of players for Rovers before they take their place on the potential targets list.

It is such work that has Moore confident in his methods and happy to put his attention into getting the team ready for matchdays.

Putting it simply, Moore is the calmest man in the room, in stark contrast to the furore burning in sections of the support.

There is no doubt he is as ready for February 1 to come around as many other people are. He can just see a satisfactory outcome that many others cannot.