Bucky’s Blog: New system helps in search for Rovers consistency

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

What a difference a little run of form makes.

It’s just a great sign too, how Darren Ferguson handles it, he doesn’t take the credit.

He’s interesting to listen to, because when it didn’t immediately go right after the Peterborough and Millwall games, he said he was happy to take the blame, and lift pressure off the players to go out and play without fear.

And now after three straight wins, he gives complete credit to the players.

I think it looks like he has a comfortable system taking shape now, and he’s going to be happy to continue going down the 3-5-2 route. It’s all about consistency now, having won both home games so far, with two more coming up this week.

It’s clear to see the improvement, we’ve now managed three straight clean sheets.

It’s partially down to Andy Butler as well, who has re-found his spark recently and got back into form. He’s got the back line looking more solid than it did only a few weeks ago.

I think the team looks much better in all areas of the pitch. Ferguson will also be particularly pleased with Nathan Tyson. He’s not been banging the goals in unlike Andy Williams, but his work rate is unbelievable. His effort and ability to cause problems is so good to have, it was clear to see against Blackpool.

The manager has signed new players too, such as Craig Alcock, who didn’t get thrown in against Blackpool last week. That’s because there are options, such as Felipe Mattioni, who look superb. The only downside with him is that we most likely won’t be able to keep him for long.

The competition for places makes for better football. It should lift the players.

I remember from when I was playing, competition makes you raise your game because you know if you sit out a couple of games, you need to be completely at it when you come back into the team.

And you get the feeling Ferguson is now happy with what he’s got at his disposal personnel-wise, but you feel he has his eyes open at all times in case he needs get any new faces in.

Predictions: Rovers 3 Rochdale 1; Rovers 2 Chesterfield 1.