Bucky’s Blog: Fergie knows what he wants!

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

Darren Ferguson quite clearly knows what he wants.

And I think everybody has been impressed with how he has gone about things so far.

Andy Williams scores the opening goal against Stalybridge

Andy Williams scores the opening goal against Stalybridge

He dipped into the loan market again this week with the signing of Craig Alcock from Sheffield United.

It’s good to see he’s proactive in the market and it’s a signing that adds some much-needed depth at the back.

He’s going to be a tough task master, yes. He definitely has a presence about him.

But he has also made a point of saying to the players not to worry about making mistakes, just go out and play, and he’ll take the heat.

I like the way that age seems to be irrelevant with him too. It’s all about how good you are.

I’m a big fan of that because I like seeing youth players come through. Obviously they have to be good enough though.

Mitchell Lund has done well since he came back into the side - although the youngster’s place is probably most at risk now following the arrival of Alcock.

He has made it obvious that he wants people who can handle the ball and who aren’t scared to go and play.

And since he came in you can see improvements all over the pitch.

Andy Butler is back to being solid at the back, and Cedric Evina put in some excellent crosses in the first half on Saturday. I’ve been impressed with Evina this season.

Felipe Mattioni was a breath of fresh air as well.

He was exciting to watch, and I think if we continue to play with wing backs he’s going to be a great outlet down the right hand side. The way he was linking up with James Coppinger was very promising.

Most importantly it’s great to see Andy Williams on the scoresheet again. He’s worked really hard and he’s finally getting his reward - and I wouldn’t bet against him scoring again at Blackpool this weekend.

Back-to-back wins mean Rovers are in good spirits. I fancy them to make it three in a row.

Prediction: Blackpool 1 Rovers 3