Emotional David Allen returns with devastating KO win

A huge smile spread across the face of David Allen as the Sheffield Arena crowd roared on his introduction.

Saturday, 8th February 2020, 8:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 10:16 am
David Allen floors Dorian Darch in Sheffield. Picture: Dave Thompson

Less than ten minutes later, the smile was even bigger.

The Conisbrough heavyweight charged back into the sport with a knockout win over Dorian Darch that continued his love affair with the British boxing public.

There were the shenanigans that have become synonymous with arguably the most charismatic figure in the sport in this country.

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But there was also a tremendous amount of emotion that has had an equally significant role in Allen's rise to prominence.

He welled up in the post fight interview as he recalled his struggle to get back into the ring and thanked those that had helped him along the way.

Temporary paralysis after his devastating defeat to David Price threatened Allen's career. Ultimately, a desire to continue saw him take the necessary steps over eight long months to return.

The clash with Darch was always intended to be a cobweb remover rather than a real test. And so it proved.

There was an element of Allen toying with his limited opponent in the opening round. He kept his hands low, employed a shoulder roll and weaved away from the vast majority of what Darch threw in his direction.

Allen mainly pawed away with the jab, throwing the occasional meaningful shot with a look of supreme relaxation on his face.

It seemed boredom set in during the second round as he took far too many shots than he needed to, standing straight on and within range of Darch who welcomed the invitation to land.

There was little going back the other way from Allen, who looked characteristically nonplussed.

The third round was where Allen woke up, instantly throwing big hooks to the body of Darch who looked troubled from the first one that landed.

Allen pummelled Darch until the big Welshman crumbled to the mat. Darch would answer one count but the end looked to be near. Allen sensed it too and continued the barrage, focusing on the body.

But it was a wonderful left hook that sent Darch down for a second time, 53 seconds into the third round. This time there was no answer.