Big upset as New Whitt bury Badger


The Chesterfield League’s Team Knockout Competition has started.

In the tournament, the league is split into two groups of 28 teams over aggregate score, with a handicap of five points given away to every League Table position, with a maximum handicap of 120 points in Group One and 50 points in Group Two.

In Group One one of the biggest upsets was New Whittington ‘B’ who play in Division Three beating the Badger from Division One thanks to wins by Jay Lock, Simon Wainwright and Mush Din.

One match where the handicap proved just too much was between Hustlers ‘B’ from the Second Division and Rileys ‘A’ from Division One, as the Hustlers were receiving 50 points start it proved just too much as they ran out the winners 304-272.

In the match between Alfreton ‘D’ and New Tupton MW ‘B’ Nigel Meakin knocked in a break of 53 in his win against Tupton’s Stuart Hall, and in one of the closest finishes Clowne Liberal ‘B’ lost against Hustlers ‘A’ on the black ball in the last frame.

The Group Two rounds proved to be quite exciting with NEDSC ‘M’ edging out Newbold WMC ‘B’ by just nine points and the young lads of Hustlers ‘D’ from the Fifth Division receiving 50 points start beating third Division Alfreton ‘C’ 300-259.

Rileys ‘C’ from Division Five received 50 points start and beat Third Division Clowne Liberal ‘D’ 257-229.

The 50-point start proved too much for Holmewood MW as they lost away against Staveley MW ‘B’ 297-241.

In the match between New Whittington ‘C’ and Newbold Community ‘C’ Martin Lee had breaks of 31 and 39 in his win against Newbold’s Bob Curtis.

In the match between Doe Lea MW ‘A’ and Newbold WMC ‘A’ Baz Patilla knocked in a break of 31 in his frame against Newbold’s Lee Shaw in which the frame was drawn 69-69.