Should Boris Johnson have sacked Dominic Cummings over Durham trip? Have your say

Dominic Cummings held a press conference at Number 10 on Monday (Getty Images)
Dominic Cummings held a press conference at Number 10 on Monday (Getty Images)

The prime minister's chief adviser Dominic Cummings said that he had no regrets over driving 260 miles from London to Durham during lockdown.

In unprecedented scenes the political strategist spoke to the press from the Number 10 Downing Street rose garden, detailing his reasons for relocating to Durham and for a subsequent visit to Barnard Castle while the country remained under strict coronavirus lockdown measures.

Cummings first claimed that he made the move to Durham over childcare worries and fears for his family's safety. He claims that a 30-mile drive to Barnard Castle, undertaken on his wife's birthday, was to test his eyesight and see whether he was fit to drive down to London and return to work.

Cummings, a key organiser of the Leave campaign, claims that he acted "reasonably" and within the law, and prime minister Boris Johnson has been unwavering in his support for Cummings, saying it was now down to the public to “make up their own minds” about the adviser.

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    Despite the prime minister's wish to move on from the matter, intense public scrutiny remains, with scientific advisers and Conservative ministers - MP for Moray Douglas Ross resigned this morning - among those unsatisfied with Cummings' explanation.

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