Warnings over accident black spot in Doncaster after SIX crashes in one evening

Councillor Mick Glynn on the traffic island in Cantley, which he says could prove deadly (Marie Caley)
Councillor Mick Glynn on the traffic island in Cantley, which he says could prove deadly (Marie Caley)

An unlit traffic island could prove deadly, a Doncaster councillor has warned after witnessing six cars - including his own - plough into the obstacle in a single evening.

Councillor Mick Glynn was driving home through Cantley at around 8pm when his car hit the island in Cantley Lane, where a bollard had been damaged.

He says he saw another five cars hit the same island as he tried to change his wheel at the scene on Saturday, March 4.

The Hatfield Town councillor reported it to police and Doncaster Council, who he says had placed cones and traffic signs at the scene by the following morning.

But he has called for an illuminated bollard to be installed at the scene, which is close to a bend in the road, before there is a fatal collision.

"I don't know how long the damaged bollard had been left like that for but I've been told it had not been lit for some time," he said.

"It's not safe as it is, and my question is whether the council is putting motorists' lives at risk on cost grounds.

"If someone had come round the corner that evening on a motorbike there could well have been a fatality."

A local resident, who asked not to be named, said she could not remember the traffic island ever having been lit.

She said she was aware of numerous crashes at the spot and avoids using that road because she feels it is unsafe.

"It's not lit at night so if you don't know they're there, you have a problem," she said.

"Every now and then you will see the bollards down because someone has gone into them.

"The lighting around that bend is atrocious and I try to avoid that junction altogether.

"It's near a school and you have lots of buses and drivers on the school run using that road. It's horrendous."

Gill Gillies, assistant director for the environment at Doncaster Council, said: "We are aware of the island that has been damaged on Cantley Lane. We have installed temporary signage and these are being maintained.

"The delay in carrying out the necessary replacement works has been due to planning in works to disconnect the current energy supply which is the responsibility of the utility supplier. This needs to be done before we can replace the bollards.

"This request is being dealt with and the necessary repairs will be carried out in the coming days."