Police in Doncaster issue dispersal order to tackle anti-social behaviour

Doncaster town centre
Doncaster town centre

Police in Doncaster were today given extra powers to tackle the anti-social behaviour which has been blighting the town centre.

Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Policing Team tweeted this afternoon to say a 48-hour section 35 dispersal order covering the town centre had been authorised.

The move means officers can can order people in the area to move on if they believe they have contributed or are likely to contribute to anti-social behaviour or crime.

Dispersal orders can only be used in areas where police believe they are needed to prevent issues with crime and disorder.

Police said the dispersal order was authorised today at 3.45pm.

The decision comes after members of the public overwhelmingly backed plans for tough new powers to tackle trouble being caused in the area.