Doncaster Momentum pledges support to Jeremy Corbyn, amid calls for his resignation

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, pictured during a visit to Doncaster on the Remain campaign trail. Picture: Stephanie Bateman.
Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, pictured during a visit to Doncaster on the Remain campaign trail. Picture: Stephanie Bateman.

Following a shadow cabinet walk-out and widespread calls for his resignation, Doncaster Momentum have pledged to continue supporting Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Deputy Labour leader, Tom Watson, is among those who have called on Mr Corbyn, who was a prominent figure within the Remain campaign in the EU referendum, to step down from his position after 51.9 per cent of voters in the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union on Thursday.

In a statement released today, Doncaster Momentum said: "Doncaster Momentum thoroughly condemn the move by some Parliamentary Labour Party members & Shadow Cabinet members to orchestrate a Labour Party leadership challenge.

"At a time when the vote to leave the EU has led to David Cameron’s resignation and a leadership crisis within the Conservative Party, this is a critical moment in our country’s history.

"With a government in crisis, Labour must unite as a source of national stability. The Party must focus on speaking up for jobs and workers' rights, counter the scapegoating of migrants and challenge any attempt to use the referendum result to introduce an even more right-wing Tory government by the back door.

"Some in the Parliamentary Labour Party and Shadow Cabinet wish to use the confusion caused by Brexit to manufacture a leadership contest. This division is the last thing we need.

"Doncaster Momentum, whose membership includes Labour Party members from all three Doncaster constituencies, call on local Doncaster MPs to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and get on with the important job of defending our local community of Doncaster and other communities suffering from the constant Conservative government attacks on local public services, jobs & working conditions and those most vulnerable in our society.

"The best way to achieve unity and carry the support of the Doncaster community is to fight the Government’s austerity measures & Conservative government attacks on our communities, a fight which is being competently led by Jeremy Corbyn.

"Those wishing to show support for Jeremy Corbyn should email their respective MP, Ed Miliband MP, Rosie Winterton MP or Caroline Flint MP expressing their support for Jeremy Corbyn and sign the two petitions supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership on the 38 Degrees website and Peoples Momentum website."

Doncaster Momentum is one of hundreds of similar groups across the country that were formed following Mr Corbyn's election as party leader to support his ideas within the Labour Party and the wider labour movement.

Jeremy Corbyn took over as leader of the Labour Party in September last year, following the resignation of Doncaster North MP in the wake of a crushing General Election defeat.