YWP backs polar initiative

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is backing a global effort to save the Arctic Sea ice habitat for endangered polar bears.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 5:00 am
Victor and Pixel

The park, whichi is home to four polar bears, has joined the call to the public to save energy to reduce the global warming that is devastating the Arctic ice cap.

Arctic Sea Ice Day took palce earlier this month, with events around the world focusing on the drastic reduction of the minimum ice levels, which are declining by 13.4 per cent per decade.

The diminishing ice, which supports a vast eco system of animals and plants, poses a huge threat to polar bears whose hunting grounds are vanishing.

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Cheryl Williams, trustee of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, said: “The Arctic is far away and vast, so people don’t necessarily realise that the sea ice is rapidly receding and that animals, such as polar bears, are struggling to survive.

“Every year the ice declines makes it even tough for these wonderful animals to survive.

“The good thing is that we can all do something that can turn this around. Even just little energy-saving steps, such as the way we shop could combine to make all the difference to their future.”

YWP is part of the international programme to protect the species and its 10-acre Project Polar Reserve – which is home to the country’s only polar bears Victor, Pixel, Nissan and Nobby - is a unique centre for conservation and welfare and one of the largest polar bear reserves outside Canada.