Readers’ Letters - September 5, 2013

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

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If you’re going to win against Tories how come you came third in Askern

UKIP are keen to tell the people of Doncaster that, according to current statistics, they could defeat all nine Conservative councillors at next year’s local elections (UKIP to field candidates in all 21 council wards, Free Press, August 29). However, they do not mention that UKIP finished third in the Askern Spa by-election held on 22nd August (which incidentally went entirely unreported in the Free Press), behind Labour and the Liberal Democrats. UKIP may crow about their planned future successes against the Conservatives, but in an area with a strong Conservative vote – the Tories came within 66 votes of winning Askern Spa in 2008 – they couldn’t even beat Nick Clegg’s battered party, and finished 934 votes behind the winner. Based on that result, things don’t bode as well as UKIP would have people believe. Equally, it seems odd UKIP have already found 14 candidates for elections being held next year but weren’t able to field a candidate in this year’s mayoral election.

Adrian Green, Radcliffe Lane, Scawthorpe

Vote on Syria was a big mistake

The Government made a big mistake, it carried out a vote while the jury was still out. I am talking of course about the gas bombing in Syria, I am in two minds about the situation. Firstly, if gas was used then action is certainly justified but only if the source is a certainty. Week after week we see people in Iraq killing their own people with bombs in crowded civilian markets, many of these we are led to understand are carried out by Al-Qaeda backed groups. We are also informed that Al-Qaeda groups are fighting in Syria, a gas attack blamed on Bashar al-Assad would be a great way to turn world opinion against him. We know what these people are capable of so the decision must be right.

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

Have your say on hall’s future

The Misterton Community Trust is holding a public meeting Saturday 7 September, 10.30am at the Methodist Hall, Misterton. 
Our purpose in so doing is to seek approval of the residents of Misterton to the trust selling the Victoria Institute.
Such funds as would be obtained through sale would be used to support charitable purposes within the village.
This recommendation by the Trustees was reached with great reluctance given the age and standing the Victoria Institute holds particularly with some village residents.
But we trustees have to acknowledge the very poor state of the building, a lack of funds to carry out repairs and failure to gain meaningful ongoing support for its use.
Professional estimated cost of repair amounts to £250,000. The trust’s funds are around £10,000 and these are depleting just paying insurance and having to cover emergency repairs. 
With no means of restoring the building, no income and the on-going costs the trust is failing to meet its charitable aims and running itself into oblivion.
We wish to encourage, and do hope to see, a good turnout of residents. We expect to indulge in meaningful debate.

David Pearce, Chairman, Misterton Community Trust

The parish council does a great job

I could not disagree more with Anne Hoyer (Free Press 22 August) regarding Rossington parish council’s events.
Since the demise of the mining industry, Rossington has been struggling with anti-social behaviour and petty crime. One way to combat this is to engender a community spirit and the events organised by the parish council go a long way to meeting this objective.
Compared to other council costs - such as the millions wasted on the South Yorkshire Digital Region - the parish council precept is excellent value for money. Anne Hoyer paying £4 and £2 for entry to the steam rally is next to nothing - about the price of two pints of real ale once a year.
Now that reminds me - the next parish council event will be the beer festival held on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 October. I am looking forward to that.

Robert Wise, Hollin Close, Rossington

MP who asks gets my vote

How fortunate are the voters of Totnes to have Dr Sarah Wollaston as their MP. Knowing that she would have to vote for or against sending UK forces to attack Syria she asked the voters what she should do. 
Five hundred and seven said vote no while only 53 said vote yes. 
So Dr Sarah did what the majority of the people who elected her wanted and voted against the wishes of her party leader, thus thoroughly banjaxing any chance of ministerial office.
In my view the price we pay in Doncaster for living within the boundaries of the safest three Labour seats in the land is that our three MPs will never, indeed can never, do anything like this. 
As Labour leader Ed Miliband really can’t oppose himself, the very capable Rosie Winterton’s job is to keep Labour MPs in line and in my opinion shadow minister Caroline Flint wouldn’t know how to go “off message” if her life depended on it.
How sad that we can’t have legislators here who have the freedom to ask us what we want them to do and then vote accordingly.

Mick Andrews, Thorne Road, Doncaster

Diabetes volunteers are needed

I am looking for enthusiastic volunteers in Doncaster to help me collect donations for Diabetes UK in your local Tesco store.
I signed up as a team leader for the Big Collection because many of my family, including me, have diabetes and I want to help find a cure by doing whatever I can. I am looking for 24 volunteers to support the collection weekend taking place at the store in Edenthorpe on 4, 5 and 6 October 2013. 
This is the largest collection Diabetes UK has organised and it is a great way to raise awareness of diabetes while raising money for a good cause.
The weekend is being organised as part of a major national charity partnership between Diabetes UK and Tesco. 
The partnership aims to make life better for those with the condition or at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The collection is only made possible with the support of people who give up their time, so why not spend a few hours of the weekend collecting money for a condition that affects one in 20 people.
With your help we can make a real difference to the three million people in the UK living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and help find the 850,000 more who remain undiagnosed with Type 2.
Simply visit the website to find your nearest store. Or for more information on the Big Collection contact

Helen Williamson, Diabetes UK team leader for Edenthorpe

Can you help with WW1 book

I am in the process of writing a book about the manner in which the First World War affected the Isle of Axholme; this to coincide with the anniversary in 2014. 
I have a variety of secondary resources but would like to appeal to anyone whose (Isle) family members may have taken part in, or been affected by, the conflict to contact me. 
I am particularly interested in any photographs, letters or other such memorabilia that may either contribute to the book or go into a database to be kept on record with the Mechanics Institute. 
I would be happy to hear from anyone willing to share such information and give an assurance that all original documents will be held secure and returned upon completion of the project.

Bob Fish, 7 Burnham Road, Epworth, (01427) 873116