Readers’ Letters - September 19, 2013

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

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Why can’t our local airport be as organised as others abroad?

I thought you may like to hear about my experience at Robin Hood Airport.
I arrived from Palma De Mallorca with Thomson Fly at 4.30am and upon leaving the terminal found there wasn’t a single taxi in sight.
There were quite a number of passengers who were in the same situation, with many forced to call ‘Arrow Taxis’ but getting no response.
The exceedingly disgruntled passengers began calling relatives to request a ‘pick-up’, to which many succeeded, but I do not have this privilege.
I checked out of my hotel at midday in Arenal, Mallorca and spent the day wandering around Palma city until check in time at Palma at 1.15am the following morning, having been woken up at 4am the previous day so, in essence, I’d not had any sleep for about 27 hours.
When I arrived in Doncaster, I was totally wrecked and the last thing I needed at that time was to have no opportunity of getting home.
At Palma airport the previous evening, there were hundreds of coaches and taxis spewing out thousands of passengers ready for check-in and it all worked a treat; it went like clockwork and was so impressive.
Now, if Robin Hood airport wants to be accepted onto the world stage, they had better get their act together fast. 
Why is it not possible for the powers that be to organise, say, a mini-bus to be in attendance when flights are due to arrive to help the unfortunates such as myself. Maybe Stagecoach and/or First could organise something.
When I arrived at Doncaster I was so tired and found the airport staff so unhelpful, even miserable, and to make matters worse the first bus from the airport was due at 6.25am, which meant me waiting for another two hours.
They are always boasting about how wonderful Robin Hood Airport is, but in reality, to me, it is a complete farce.
I would love to hear anyone else’s view on the airport.

Bryan Soulsby, Scawsby, Doncaster

Blame the litter louts

The ‘Wakefield Four’ are forgetting one thing when they slate Doncaster over its litter problems - the scruffy louts that throw the litter down.
It’s a never ending job for the council, clearing up after the pond life that don’t give a damn about the countryside or open spaces. And it costs thousands of pounds they can ill afford.
You only have to visit Sandall Park in a morning to see how pristine it is when it’s been cleared by the council and volunteers, yet sometimes when the picnickers have left it looks like a skip lorry has been tipped out.
My question is this - the people that leave this rubbish have enjoyed a lovely day in lovely surroundings, would they have set down for a picnic in the sort of trash they leave behind?
I very much doubt it - they’d moan about the litter, and the council too probably.
Yes I agree, a lot of the hedgerows are an eyesore with the rubbish that’s dumped but don’t blame the council - blame the offenders. And shop them!

Sandra Crabtree, Friends of Sandall Park

Ridiculous application

You recently reported on the demolition of Toll Bar Club after thousands of pounds was spent renovating it on the television show DIY SOS when floods devastated the area in 2007.
People said it was sad to see it go after so many years of being a social hub for Toll Bar residents.
What happens to the site that is a flood risk forever? We see an application to Doncaster Council from Murvic to build eleven dwellings on it! Unbelievable.
Is DIY SOS ready to waste some more money renovating these when they flood in the future or at least contribute to the further flooding problems they would create to the area?

Tom Lawson, Hall Villa Lane, Toll Bar

Save our pub

The Tadcaster Arms should not be demolished to make way for more apartments, retail outlets or anything else.
There is a safety issue with traffic, but the social aspect and quality of life for existing residents is deteriorating day by day.
Armthorpe was a beautiful village; it had its problems but on the whole a nice place to live. 
Now it has been overrun with buildings and developments.
As for the need for more housing, Armthorpe has done its share - the Markham Main site a prime example.
Plans are already made for building I do not know how many dwellings on the back of Mercel. Houses have been built in ‘gardens’. 
Enough is enough. 
The “Taddy” could be a good pub and place to socialise given the right investment and management; there is little else offering a place to meet and socialise at the top end of the village.
And not forgetting the history and the fact that it is a landmark.
The car park has served as a overspill for the churches during large weddings and funerals.
Also, the Mere Lane Schools have little parking after the Mere Lane Club was demolished.
The traffic is horrific through Armthorpe as it is.
This summer I have passed the ”Taddy” nearly every day and it has been busy. 
Pubs have not got a level playing field as it is, with cheap supermarket drink.
The list of past developments includes Mere Lane Club, The Plough, Gertrude Bell Hall, Old Village School, White House Farm and Methodist Chapel.

E and S Holmes, Armthorpe Residents

Save St James Baths

When I read the comment in the DFP from ‘YorkyKat’ on the closure of St James Leisure Centre and baths, I punched the air.
At last, someone besides myself who is angry that this historic building, like others in this town, is to be left to rot - yet another casualty of our ‘wonderful modern Doncaster’.
It beggars belief that the unseen faces that make these decisions can justify the millions of pounds spent on that ugly council building, which will probably be redundant in a few years’ time anyway like the other council places, and that silly water feature just begging to be vandalised.
Yet with a stroke of a pen, they can condemn a wonderful old place with more personality and character in its walls than these ugly new ones will ever have; to just crumble away, forgotten until the bulldozers move in.
Myself and many others are members of St James and a lot are elderly or disabled but we felt comfortable in St James.
We don’t want to relocate somewhere else, especially to a newer building, that’s impersonal and unfriendly.
I heard on the local news that St Leger Week will bring in £50 million to the local community.
Surely St James is included in the local community?
And would £2 million be missed to renovate and restore it?
Will other readers make their voices heard if they agree with me? 
Perhaps get a petition together and Save Our St James?

S Seymour, St James Street, Doncaster

Get your pyjamas on

I would like to tell your readers about a fun children’s charity event which I am supporting this October.
Humphrey’s Pyjama Week, in aid of The Children’s Trust, is an annual fundraiser from October 7-11, for nurseries, playgroups and primary schools throughout the UK to get involved in.
Youngsters will be encouraged to put on their favourite pair of pyjamas or onesie for one day for a voluntary donation of £2 each, and themed events can also be organised such as treasure hunts and best dressed competitions.
So, why not spread the word to your children’s teachers or playgroup assistants to take part in this fundraising week to raise money for some very special children.
Money raised will be of huge benefit to the Trust, based in Surrey, which is the UK’s leading charity for children with acquired brain injury, multiple disabilities and complex health needs.
So, why not join up now by registering on-line at
For further details email:

Sid Sloane, Children’s television presenter and star of ‘Let’s Play’, On Behalf of The Children’s Trust