Readers’ Letters - September 12, 2013

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

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Cast has got off to a great start and promises to be an asset for town

I would like to congratulate all who were involved with the grand opening of the new Cast theatre on September 6.
What an inspired choice to open the show with a local theme - The Glee Club, set in Doncaster looking at the lives and tribulations of local miners.
What a magnificent cast, and what wonderful writing.
I am sure the actors reacted to the great enthusiasm of the audience because each and every one of them was on top of their game.
It was a great opening night and I heard nothing but praise, both for the venue and the play.
Doncaster has a little gem on its hands and it has gotten off to a great start.
Long may it continue.

Patrick Doyle, Belmont Close, Branton

Theatre was great

Culture existed at the Civic Theatre long before Cast was created.
Perhaps your readers would like to comment on the new director’s vision?
Give me old-fashioned theatre any day.

H Santiuste, Coningsburgh Road, Edenthorpe

Suggestion is ludicrous

In his letter, (“If you’re going to win against Tories.....” in last week’s DFP) Mr Green is right that UKIP hope to contest all the seats and to do well in next year’s Doncaster Council elections, but his suggestion that we have been crowing about future successes against Tory candidates, or anyone else, is frankly ludicrous.
The reporter who penned the article referred to in Mr Green’s diatribe made the points about national voting trends.
Our spokesman said only two things. 
One - that although optimistic we acknowledge that we have a fight on our hands, and two - that many of the voters we talk to are fed up with all the traditional parties.
Mr Green also asked why we weren’t able to field a candidate in last year’s mayoral election.
We were able to Mr Green but we consulted our local members who agreed unanimously that the local party should not oppose Peter Davies, as he was the only candidate with any chance of beating Labour.
We talk to our members and we listen to their views.
Another correspondent, Mr Field, believes tax-payers will want to know if all UKIP candidates for the council, and presumably all other candidates, will be fully trained in local government administration before the election.
No Mr Field, they will not. 
Our candidates are ordinary people, and although they will be well aware of what being a councillor involves they won’t be packaged or pre-programmed.
They understand that, if elected, their job is to represent the people in their ward irrespective of party politics.
No UKIP councillor anywhere is accountable to the party for how they vote, only how they behave. 
They answer to the voters.

Mick Andrews (UKIP Doncaster), Thorne Road, Doncaster

Are Tories threatened?

In reply to Mr Green (DFP, 05/09), I am confused by his letter.
He claims that UKIP are not a threat to the Tories as they only came third in the recent Askern Spa by-election.
Maybe they did, but they beat the Tories who came fourth.
This was the first time UKIP has ever contested this ward and they beat the Tories who have fought it in every election.
He also says that the Tories came within 66 votes of winning this ward with a ‘strong conservative vote’ in 2008.
Yes they did, with 1099 votes, but in the recent election they got just 225 votes. 
That’s a big drop in what he claims is an area with a strong conservative vote.
After their decision to run a no-hope candidate in the mayoral election, which opened the gate for the Labour win, maybe the biggest threat to the conservative vote is the Tory party.

William Shaw (UKIP), Grange Farm, Old Denaby

Speed is not fast

We keep being told “superfast broadband is coming”, yet my own broadband speed is approximately half a Megabyte.
I should be able to get 20Mb if it were not for the poor BT equipment in this area.
I am paying exactly the same for my landline as many other people in Britain who are getting 20+Mb.

Do we get a rebate for this lack of service? No!
With the so called equality laws in this country surely we should be entitled to some compensation for such poor service (maybe the Strasbourg courts could help).
If superfast broadband is coming it is certainly at a snail’s pace because they have been promising it for the past 3 years.

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

What will it take?

I refer to a recent article regarding speeding vehicles in a number of villages, in particular Cantley.
I have continuously, over the past two years or more, raised the issue of speeding traffic on Spring Lane, Sprotbrough with the council and South Yorkshire Police.
No action (apart from the odd check) has been taken and I am advised that they will not afford time to this unless there has been an accident.
I would like to know if any accidents have been reported in Cantley that has triggered their action?

M I Oaks, Doncaster

What’s happening?

Last Thursday we visited Doncaster, as we usually do on a three monthly cycle.
We travelled by car and got off the motorway (A1M) at Warmsworth, travelled into the town down Balby Road and on the return journey travelled along the A638 towards Woodlands.
Now the reason I am writing on behalf of the Wakefied Four is that not one of us could believe how the town centre and the surrounding villages have become such an eyesore, with debris and litter filling the highways and footpaths, since early June.
Just what will the visitors coming to the races think of it? It just beggars belief.
We used to look forward to our visits but we will be trying your neighbours Barnsley or Rotherham from now on, until we hear that Doncaster has taken stock of its cleansing priorities.
Doncaster Council you should hang your heads in shame.
A beautiful town is being ruined, looking more like Libya.

Mrs S Fennell, Fitzwilliam Road, Wakefield

Cuts are outrageous!

Recent further defence cuts, condemned by the Chief of the General Staff, a government appointment no less, are simply treasonous. There is no other word.
Defence of the Realm is the prime responsibility of government.
I make no apologies for going back to my now famous speech in Birmingham - this is happening as we give away £1billion a month in overseas aid, £30 billion in IMF support to the Eurozone and a further £1 billion a month to Brussels.

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

Mini pots of care

There are just four weeks to go for nurseries, primary schools and youth groups in South Yorkshire to sign up for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Mini Pots of Care.
The Mini Pots is a free creative and educational activity for 3-11 year olds where children receive a pot and daffodil bulb to plant in the autumn.
Register your school or group to take part by calling 0845 052 4184 or by visiting The deadline for registrations is October 4, 2013.
All money raised from the activity will help over 2,000 Marie Curie Nurses to continue providing free specialised care to people with terminal illnesses in their own homes throughout the UK.

Emma Sargent, Marie Curie Cancer Care