Readers’ Letters - November 21, 2013

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

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Families together in politics are just fine when it comes to our councils

With reference to the article about the lack of democracy within Thorne Town Council, I totally disagree with the comments made.
I, for one, and many others were aware that we were voting for people who are related.
I (we) did this because we know that this particular family have volunteered countless hours into projects and activities to make a positive difference within our community and we are confident that they will continue to do so because they wholeheartedly care about our area.
I have witnessed this first hand at the meetings I have attended.
I have seen the enthusiasm, the hard work, dedication and the countless hours that they have put into improving our area.
These are all positive examples of how working together for the benefit of the local community, what can be achieved.
For the record, there are actually six related members on the Council out of 15.
It bears no relevance that one is also a DMBC councillor as there are two councillors {Councillor Williams and Councillor Blackham} that are both Town Councillors and DMBC Councillors.
Perhaps someone should have told the Miliband brothers that they weren’t allowed to be MPs.
If someone really wants to be a councillor, they should do it on their own merits rather than making pathetic accusations about people that they don’t really know.

Allan Cuttell, Thorne

Where are our buses?

What have Scawthorpe residents done to be relegated to third class bus travellers?
We have only one bus every 20 minutes (if we’re lucky), to cover both Woodlands and Scawthorpe.
The bus is often full by the time it reaches Scawthorpe, having filled up in Woodlands and on the return down the North Road.
It is a no-win situation for bus users in Scawthorpe and can only get worse during the onset of Winter and then Christmas.
Why hasn’t Scawthorpe got its own dedicated service like it used to have in the 1970s?
Has the population of Scawthorpe shrunk? I think not!
Come on Transport Executive, pull your finger out and don’t leave Scawthorpe residents freezing by the roadside this Christmas.

Mrs A G Couldwell, Jossey Lane, Scawthorpe (resident since 1970)

Unknown thief

I will remember the solitary soldier, standing in Doncaster Minster; a very moving tribute to lives lost for my today.
Those members of the public who were fortunate to visit the Minster to see the ‘unknown soldier’ will be saddened to know that all the monies, so generously given, have been stolen by an unknown thief.
How low can one stoop?
Perhaps their need was great but not greater than the needs of so many people today.
I will remember and will not forget!

Jean Elliott, Bellrope Acre, Armthorpe

Praise for DRI

We read much criticism and adverse comments regarding the NHS in our national media, but after recently spending a few days on Ward S11 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary I would like to publicly praise them.
The ward was spotlessly clean, efficiently run and all staff, from the consultant downward, were kind, courteous and extremely helpful.
I cannot offer enough praise to them and the angiogram Team, nor express how much they are appreciated.
Doncaster be proud.

Name and Address, Supplied

Thanks for my prize

This letter is just to say thank you to the DFP and Doncaster Racecourse for the great day out at the races, which I won a competition for in your paper.
I had a fantastic day and the staff at the racecourse could not do enough to make the experience a wholly enjoyable one.
Oh - and I took some money off the bookies too, to the tune of £49.
Once again, thank you.

David H Walker, Minden Court, Bentley

A fitting tribute

I would like to convey my thanks to Keith Asquith, Brian Green, Gordon Dutton and the members of the Rossington Branch of the Royal British Legion, and the organisation and community representatives that made the Rossington parade and Service of Remembrance so special this year.
The Corps of Drums Detachment that escorted the parade were a real credit to the Army Cadet Force.
Although press coverage tends to highlight the bigger ceremony in Doncaster town centre, we should all be grateful to those veterans and community volunteers who make the ceremonies in all of the towns and villages in the borough a fitting tribute to the fallen of yesteryear and the heroes of today.

Caroline Flint, Labour Member of Parliament for Don Valley

Lorries are a menace

Most normal insomniacs count sheep to get to sleep, but not the residents of Dunscroft, Dunsville and Hatfield - they count lorries. Lorry after lorry after lorry.
It’s 12 months after their ordeal began, regarding the landslip at Hatfield Colliery, when the rail-line was closed for almost six months and they saw coal being transported by lorry to local power stations through their villages.
These have totally inadequate road infrastructures.
They now find themselves facing a “no time limit” operation by Hargreaves, the pit owner/operators, transporting the very slurry which caused the landslip.
It is being moved from the colliery through Dunscroft via Broadway, on through Dunsville High Street and onto the motorway network bound for Maltby to fill in a large hole.
The return journey sees the lorries coming through Dunsville along the A18 into Hatfield, and then taking the totally unacceptable route past Hatfield Church and onto Station Road.
We all appreciate the jobs the pit brings, and the support to the local economy and the investment Hargreaves are making to the pit’s future, but we also understand this is a profit making operation by a corporate giant.
Since the M18 motorway opened around 1980 we have been promised a slip road from the colliery site onto junction five of the M18, thereby alleviating all HGV traffic from our local villages.
The question that must now be asked is why, after the disruption caused by the landslip of February 2013, haven’t our local MPs (one who is leader of the Labour party) liaised with the pit owners to secure monies for the slip road to be put in?
If we are allowed to hold local elections in Doncaster by DMBC in May 2014, maybe local residents might like to ask their MP, Caroline Flint, when she comes touting for their votes why she and her MP colleagues have done nothing to help them.

Mick Glynn, Hatfield Town Councillor, Doncaster Road, Hatfield

Thank you to carers

We hear so much about people not caring for OAPs that I wanted to write in.
Last Tuesday, November 12, we had a power cut from 3.45pm until 8.30pm.
We had carers come to help everyone in the close, offering food, drinks and lights, and the police were on watch too.
It’s lovely to say well done.
I think they deserve a mention.

Mrs J Watson, Kirkstone Close, Bentley

Stamp out bullying

This Anti-Bullying Week, we’re stepping up our campaign to highlight how many people living with autism have had to endure bullying and hate crime.
Our findings reveal that an alarming number of people living with autism in the UK have been subjected to the worst kind of behaviour and that as a society we are failing some of those who need the most compassion and support. Bullying anyone, particularly those who are vulnerable is unacceptable and has no place in modern Britain.
I hope that we can all work together to make it stop.

Mark Lever, Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society