Readers’ Letters - July 18, 2013

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

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We need to help our young people get on the property ladder

As a resident of Bessacarr, I’m concerned about the lack of serious local debate on the homes we need in our community when there’s clearly a big problem.
Many of us are finding it really hard to save enough money to get on the housing ladder, or are struggling with increasing rents while our salaries are staying the same.
If things don’t change, young people in Bessacarr won’t be able to move out of home, or will have to move to another part of the country.
We all need to be prepared to join in the local debate with our local councillors to tackle this problem, and think about how we can get the right homes in the right places at prices that are affordable for everybody in Bessacarr.
But our community leaders can only act if more local people speak up and tell them things must change.
There’s a local campaign the community can join, called Yes to Homes, that will show people how we can make them listen.
You can join the debate at

Elizabeth Smith, Hallam Close, Bessacarr.

Airport is so expensive

I am saddened but not surprised at falling passenger numbers at Doncaster Airport.
I believe the reason is solely down to price.
A few weeks ago I was searching for a two week holiday for two to Fuengirola, staying at Las Palmeras, departing June 21 and returning July 5. The price difference was unbelievable.
I left a message (no-one answers the phone) to ask why there was such a difference, but did not receive a response.
The figures I found were as follows:
East Midlands: depart Doncaster 6.30pm, depart Fuengirola 11.20am, total cost £1,130.
Manchester: Depart Manchester 4.50pm, depart Fuengirola 9.30pm, total cost £1,258.
Doncaster: Depart Doncaster 3.05pm, depart Fuengirola 8.45pm, total cost £1,512.
The price difference is £382 to fly direct from Doncaster - why?
This is excessive and not justifiable, even when you take taxi transfers or parking costs into account.
Passenger numbers will never increase if the airport pricing is not competitive. Many people I know would love to travel from Doncaster but the flight costs need to be at least comparable if not competitive.
I am told that the landing charges are the reason.

Sue Richards, Burnham Close, Bessacarr.

Come along for fun

On July 27, the Stainforth Town Council Gala Committee is holding an event in the Central Club, Silver Street, Stainforth.
The event will feature the Stars in Our Eyes Roadshow, where acts mimic stars such as Cher, Abba, Dolly Parton, Freddie Mercury.. the list goes on.
All money raised from this event will go towards a fun day for children on August 3.
Tickets cost £4 and can be purchased from myself on 07525 099005 or from Councillor Dave Moore on 07863 289866 or (01302) 354708.

Councillor Mrs L Crosby, Junction Road, Stainforth.

Not fussed over Vulcan

What’s all the hype re the Vulcan Bomber flights being extended until 2015?
I fail to excite at the sight of this gas and oxygen-guzzling monster that cracks the sound barrier on what was a nice sunny afternoon.
The flight I would prefer to witness would be on the back of a low-loader on its way to the scrapyard.

Mr B Doane, Coronation Road, Stainforth.

The same all over

Re the letter headed ‘Buses are so unreliable’ (Freeviews, June 20), unreliable bus services can be anywhere in this country, not just in the Doncaster area alone.
On Thursday 28 January, 2010, I was the only person waiting for a 8.50am bus at a bus stop in Saxilby, where I live, and the bus didn’t come.
Then, at 9.10am, the bus sped through Saxilby and the driver ignored my signal to stop and the bus zoomed past me and left me, just because the bus was 20 minutes late.
As it wasn’t my fault that this bus was 20 minutes late, I wanted this driver sacked for this incident on me.
I did report him.

Dick Appleyard, Lingfield Close, Saxilby.

Pedal for charity

With the summer months upon us, there could be no better time to get on your bike to join me in supporting children’s charity Place2Be!
The charity is calling on people across the UK to gear up for the London to Brighton Cycle challenge on Sunday, September 8, to raise funds to help transform children’s lives.
The challenge will see thousands of cyclists put their pedal power to the test for a 54-mile scenic ride from city to coast.
Childhood can be a difficult, challenging time and I firmly believe that children need to have someone they can talk to, who will listen, when they need it.
Place2Be provides just that. Working in schools across the UK, the charity supports children to cope with all sorts of issues including bullying, bereavement, family breakdown, domestic violence, neglect and trauma, helping them to grow up healthy, confident and resilient. You can help them to continue to do this.
Registering couldn’t be easier – call 0207 923 5553 or visit,-sept-2013/
There is a £35 registration fee and a minimum sponsorship target of £100.
Craig MacLean MBE, Olympic and Paralympic Medallist.

Too hot for animals

Dogs die very quickly in hot cars and they should not be left inside them even for very short periods. Opening a window a few inches is not sufficient.
Other animals suffer, too.
Rabbits must not be left in a hutch in the glaring sun or inside a sweltering garage or shed. They need a cool, shady place where the air circulates, and where they are able to move freely.
A hot rabbit can be kept cool by applying cold water gently to his ears.
Should your rabbit become listless, or start breathing hard through an open mouth or go limp, get him to a vet immediately.
Rabbits must also be checked daily throughout summer months for signs of flystrike.
Smaller animals, like hamsters, rats and gerbils, can be kept cool by opening windows and closing curtains, using a fan (but not pointing it directly at them), refreshing water and providing a frozen water bottle, wrapped in a towel so that it cannot be chewed.
Please take good care of our friends this summer!

Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid.

Vote for Age UK

I am writing to ask for your readers’ help in recognising the achievements of all the lives that have been transformed locally by Age UK’s health and wellbeing programme ‘fit as a fiddle’.
Age UK has received the great news that ‘fit as a fiddle’ has made it through to the final seven in the Best Health Project category of the National Lottery Awards.
We now need as many people as possible to vote for the project for it to become a winner!
The Charity’s ‘fit as a fiddle’ project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Wellbeing programme, has helped over 385,000 older people across the country to get involved in a range of activities from cooking lessons and exercise classes to pot holing and abseiling. As a whole, the project has encouraged older people across the country to be more active, make friends and have fun.
Please spend a few moments today to recognise all those involved in ‘fit as a fiddle’. Register your vote by July 24 for Age UK’s ’fit as a fiddle’. Please call 0844 836 9700 or log on to Your vote will really make a difference.

Lynda Bellingham, Age UK Celebrity Ambassador.