Readers’ Letters - August 1, 2013

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

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What do the cabinet do for their money? Maybe they could tell us

I have read with interest the recent letters sent in by the previous mayor and the present incumbent regarding the cost of their respective cabinets.
However, I am more interested in finding out what these cabinet members actually do for the money.
Apart from the odd quote published in your paper attributed to the cabinet members (which are almost always written by the council’s press officer), I am unsure of their actual roles and responsibilities.
Do they develop council policy? 
Do they create strategic plans? Do they take responsibility for the delivery of services? 
Perhaps the mayor and cabinet could provide regular written reports to your paper explaining the results of their endeavours, so that we can judge for ourselves whether the cost of £129,000 is actually worth the expense.

Beatrice Steadfast, Thorne Road, Wheatley Hills.

The sums don’t add up

In Freeviews, July 25, Peter Davies has in my view shown that mayor Ros Jones was spinning the figures when she compared her cabinet costs to Mr Davies. Not only that, if we assume that she will keep her cabinet of nine members through her term, as she thinks it’s good value for money, then the four year cost will be £516,000. 
The four-year cost of the cabinet when Peter Davies was mayor was £396,000. So the Ros Jones cabinet will cost the Doncaster taxpayer £120,000 extra over her term. 
What I find worrying is that Ros Jones has only been mayor for a couple of months and she is already dishing the spin like a natural career politician.
Or did she actually get her sums wrong? Either way is bad news for the future of Doncaster.

William Shaw (UKIP), Grange Farm, Old Denaby.

Why did this go ahead?

I feel I must put pen to paper regarding the proposed travelling show people site in Mosscroft Lane.
As you know the planning application has been granted for the above - this against all the objections put by the the residents in the area.
Two previous applications that were put forward were rejected due to traffic concerns. The above has been granted, 18 vehicles plus at least 18 cars (they need local transport as there is no bus service). That’s 18 plus 18 which equals 36.
I attended a technical meeting and while the objectors put forward 100% objections, all technical, the applicant chose to spend two thirds of his time praising what his family had done for Doncaster, where he went to school etc.
There is a seven-and-a-half ton limit on this road. It is used as a through route by lorries weighing a lot more than this but is it policed? Of course not.
There are conditions attached to the show people but will they be policed ?
I very much doubt it.
This site was supposed to be returned to nature after the life of the quarry was over, with no more lorries going in and out, no machinery making a noise in the quarry, but this was only going on five and a half days a week.
There will be no restrictions to when the show people can come and go onto the site so it could be 24/7, plus there’s all the work they will be doing maintaining their rides etc.
My property, like three others, abound this site. 
It will knock the value down but will we get a rate reduction due to this? No chance.

D Dawson, Resident of Mosscroft Lane.

Remember the old days

I remember Donny when we had an Arndale centre not a “mall”. And we had local shops not “stores”. We played football, not “soccer”, and we went to the pictures, not the “movies”.
We enjoyed ourselves and didn’t take “quality time”.
People were attractive not “hot” and we had end of school discos not “prom nights”.
Things were great, not “awesome”, people had a break not a “time out”, and we never took a “rain check”, didn’t “check it out”, or indeed “run it by” anyone.
I never ate “fries”, used “math” or wore “baseball” caps and “I love NY” on every item of clothing.
But then again, we did have our own identity back then.
Have a nice day y’all!

Chris Mullholland, Oak Dene, Rossington.

Save money for clean-up

Well, it’s almost three months since the new Labour-controlled regime launched itself within Doncaster.
The mayor and her new team of cabinet members stated that changes were going to be made and things were going to improve dramatically - well, what has really happened?
A Government team has been brought in to run Children’s Services and the town is rated one of the worst ‘Grot Spots’ in the UK.
Reading the mayor’s page in the Free Press last week, she tried to paint over the cost of the new set up with great emphasis on having no paid political adviser.
The mayor also wrote on what she believes should be the work of the elected councillors, all of whom receive the basic £12,000 a year salary, and that they should work in their wards for the good of the ward residents.
Even the most hardcore Labour supporter knows 80 per cent of the councillors do nothing; some don’t even return phone messages.
Even the turn out to full council meetings seems to be too much of an effort for some of them.
With 61 councillors, plus one mayor, and with a review taking place on how many councillors are needed, let us be honest - 42 councillors equalling two per ward is ample, and the monies saved could maybe go into cleansing the borough. It certainly needs it.

Mr F Creaser, Bentley Road, Doncaster.

Well said that man!

Congratulations to Jack Barratt for standing up for the Vulcan.
Like all of our vintage aircraft, they should be preserved for future generations. I love to see her fly over my house and I’m 74.
Well done Jack.

Mrs Stevenson, Howville Avenue, Hatfield.

Thank you to A&E staff

After reading all the bad reports concerning the NHS, my husband and I wish to give praise where it is due.
My husband Terry was admitted to A&E in Doncaster five times in 2012, and again on July 18 this year.
We cannot find any appropriate words to express our thanks and gratitude for the very immediate response and care from the paramedics and ambulance staff, doctors and nurses who attended to him in DRI. Nothing was too much trouble and both myself and my husband were immediately put at ease during a stressful time. Their concern was to be praised in every aspect of the situation. We were both assured and deeply grateful for their concern.

Mr and Mrs T D Wakefield, Alverley Lane, Balby. 

What do they all do?

It is very rarely that I get involved in politics but here goes.
I think I am right with there being 63 councillors, counting the mayor - this, in my opinion, is far too many and it should be reduced by at least a third, maybe even more.
Why? Because we have three councillors supposedly looking after the central ward and yet we do not see any of them trawling the nearby streets, talking to residents or reporting any of the problems that this area has - fly tipping, dog mess covering every pavement in the area, litter filled streets, and not forgetting anti-social behaviour. By reading the Free Press it does look as if there are the same problems the length and width of the borough, but this area seems to be forgotten by the councillors and the so-called environment managers. If the like of these people cannot do their jobs correctly then move them on; there are many people who would jump at their positions and salary and, I dare say, I would do a darn site better job of it.

Mrs B Horniman, Clarence Avenue, Balby.