Letters, September 6, 2012

Kev Pointon, from Rossington, enjoyed a day out at this year's Epworth Show, where he took this picture of a barn owl.
Kev Pointon, from Rossington, enjoyed a day out at this year's Epworth Show, where he took this picture of a barn owl.

MY wife and I were two of the 300 or so fans who made the long but rewarding journey to London last Sunday to see the Dons crush the Skolars 48-8 in their final 2012 league game. Through the DFP we would like to say:

To head coach Tony Miller, co-owner Carl Hall, chairman John Scarrow and commercial manager Ray Green - you have been rewarded for your coaching and managerial endeavours by young players whose team spirit and commitment have been a singular example to the town.

To the elected mayor and Doncaster Council - you should now surely consider how best to recognise the achievement of the Dons in winning the first title of their colourful (and in the past, troubled) 61 year history.

To the players - you have shown you are capable of great things by winning the 2012 Championship One.

Go on now and beat Barrow at home on 16 September, and finish the season by winning the play-offs on 30 September, thus adding £20k to the £50k prize you have already secured for the club.

To the people of Doncaster - please support the Dons on 16 September.

If you have never been to a match before, visit the Keepmoat and give rugby league a try (pardon the pun).

You will see a game rich in incident, subtlety, passion and skills.

To all the Dons’ fans and players over many years past - always remember that “the sweetest reward is the one longest sought”.

Come on you Dons!

Neil O’Loughlin, Boulton Drive, Old Cantley

Passenger safety is a priority

WE noted the letter printed in your publication on August 30, 2012, from Ms Wade regarding the dropping off and picking up areas for passengers at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Security at airports and the safety of our passengers are our highest priority.

As a result of this, vehicles are not allowed to park directly in front of the airport.

Passengers will find this is the case with most UK airports.

Many UK airports now charge people to drop off passengers near to the terminal buildings; Doncaster Sheffield airport has provided a free area to allow for a short drop off or collection period.

Our aim is to make Doncaster Sheffield Airport as accessible as possible for South Yorkshire passengers.

We are working to improve access to the airport via the new FARRRS link road and have kept a free drop off and pick up zone as close to the terminal as it is safe to do so.

We continue to benchmark our facilities against other UK airports and continue to score highly in customer service surveys.

Steve Gill, Airport Director

This is a waste of money

BOTH Mayor Davies (English Democratic Party) and Maurice Field (Conservative) have criticised the save our libraries campaign (independent of any political party) for supporting a local disabled claimant at a judicial review to re-open two libraries and have paid staff at 12 others.

The reason: the £3,000 legal costs was a waste of council taxpayers’ money.

Mr Field even wants the judge to award the costs against the claimant.

I believe that 15,000 people who supported the libraries petition should have the right to challenge the mayor through the legal process, when they genuinely believed that the mayor’s decision on libraries closures was wrong.

The closed Carcroft library which is currently empty is still costing Doncaster Council around £55,000 a year, in either rental or lease charges because the library will only be allowed to re-open with volunteers.

Now that is a waste of public money!

Doug Wright, Chantry Close, Doncaster

Does anyone know of Rosa?

I WOULD like to appeal for information via your newspaper.

My name is Angus Mcdonald, I am working at South Shields museum.

I am engaged in a piece of research at the moment and a crucial lead which involves a South Shields lady who died in Doncaster.

The lady in question was Rosa Moore nee Bootiman who died on August 27, 1959, at 28 Windsor Road Doncaster.

She mentions in her will her great niece Elizabeth Mary Payne and her niece Eileen Payne.

Is it possible that any of the above ladies are still living in Doncaster or can anybody else in your town shed any light on Rosa Bootiman late of 28 Windsor Road Doncaster?

If anybody has any information about Rosa they can contact me via e-mail or South Shields Museum, Ocean Road South Shields, Tyne and Wear

Angus McDonald, Museum Assistant, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, Email: angus.macdonald@twmuseums.org.uk

A big thank you as I retire

AFTER working on Mexborough market for over 50 years (35 in the market hall and the rest on the open market), I have finally retired from full time work having reached that point on August 25.

May I take this opportunity to thank everybody including all my customers who made the effort to wish me well in my retirement and I can’t miss out my fellow workers om both the outside market and in the market hall for all the cards, presents and for laying on such a wonderful buffet meal on Saturday afternoon.

Many, many thanks to everyone for making my working life so happy and to all those children that have been to the stall over the years, you have all been very special to me and I know that to many of you it was a highlight of your week to visit the stall and see all those wonderful toys that caught your imagination.

Just to see a child smile and laugh when they received a toy was a real joy to me every day.

Thanks again to everyone for making the last 50 years so happy and thank you again for that surprise buffet on Saturday,

All my very best wishes to everyone, from the man in the hat

Gordon B Smith, Gordon’s Toys, Mexborough Market Hall

Our special days at the Leger

IN 1970 I took my son Bruce, named after Doncaster’s great British heavy weight boxing champion Bruce Woodcock, to the Leger for the first time, he was 12 years old.

I told him I was taking him hopefully to see Nijinsky, a great racehorse, win the Leger.

He won, and with it the Triple Crown in racing having won the three classics at different distances, the 2,000 Guineas, The Derby and the Leger.

Now in 2012 we have a role reversal.

42 years since that day he is taking me, who he fondly calls ‘the old man’ to see this year’s Leger and another great horse Camelot emulate Nijinsky and win the Triple Crown, it has never been achieved since this ‘old man’ took his young son all those years ago.

Mr Richard Butler, Mulberry Avenue, Moorends

Where’s the health and safety?

WHY are all supermarket bakeries open these days to all sorts of contamination, rows of cakes and pastries looking lovely, you will agree, but what has been on that food before you buy?

Flies, people sneezing, coughing, people handling these tempting goodies.

I have been in supermarkets where there have been birds flying around.

So why in this age of hygiene rules and regulations is this allowed to happen?

R Taylor, Richmond Road, Scawsby

These heroes need our help

THE Paralympics have come home and they look like being the most successful and well-attended Games ever.

Our paralympians are quite deservedly getting a world stage for their achievements.

But let’s not forget the millions more people with disabilities and those who care for them.

They confront hurdles of a very different kind in their daily lives - hurdles of financial hardship, social isolation, ill health, depression and despair.

In overcoming these obstacles they are performing their own quiet heroics, day in, day out, with little recognition and even less support.

The sad truth is that even on the occasion of the biggest ever Paralympics, disabled people and carers remain among the most disenfranchised and vulnerable members of society.

I’d like to offer your readers the opportunity to help us change that.

I work for Vitalise, a charity that provides desperately-needed respite breaks for disabled people and carers at our accessible centres around the UK. Our breaks are an absolute lifeline, enabling our guests to restore their ability to cope and rediscover their will to carry on. Without opportunities like these, life for them would be very bleak indeed.

I would like to ask your readers to join us in calling for greater recognition and support for people with disabilities and carers.

We don’t get a penny from government, but rely on the compassion and generosity of our supporters to keep on providing our vital services, so please help us.

To make a donation or for more information about our breaks, call 0303 303 0147 or visit www.vitalise.org.uk.

Colin Brook, Vitalise, 52 Upper Street, London.

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This week’s picture comes from Rossington’s Kev Pointon who cptured this beautiful owl having a reflective moment at Epworth Show