Letters, September 29

AS WARD councillors for Axholme South we welcome the initiative by Isle MP Andrew Percy for the Government to adopt a more robust regime, with greater powers for police and courts to deal with metal thefts and dealing in scrap metal, which was outlined in a recent Epworth Bells.

Unfortunately, thefts of metal have occurred in the Isle, with West Butterwick, Gunthorpe, Westwoodside and only this last week Wroot losing telephone services because cabling had been stolen.

Residents are being seriously inconvenienced and we welcome the hard work done by our MP and Government.

Councillor Ron Allcock and Councillor William Eckhardt

Axholme South Ward Councillors

Thanks for helping

RE: AN accident I had on the High Street in Crowle on Thursday September 14 at lunch time.

I had a bad fall in which I sustained head injuries, bruising and lacerations to my left arm and left leg and mild concussion.

To everyone who rushed to assist me and those who asked if they could help, a big thank you.

Many of the people were known to me and I have thanked them personally, however there were certain people whom I don’t know and hope they read this letter.

As luck would have it a doctor who works for the Humberside Police stopped to give his help and he called for an ambulance.

I would like to thank Dr Akande for his medical attention and advice he gave to the people who were helping me.

Finally thank you to the paramedics and staff at Scunthorpe General Hospital A&E.

Mrs K Meadowcroft

Westbourne Drive


Festival thanks

I WOULD like to thank all committee members and voluntary helpers for all their hard work and to everyone involved in any way in making the 2011 Festival of the Plough a wonderful success.

Thank you to all the public for your continued support, and to Simon and Lynn Clark for once again hosting the event for which we are very grateful.

Many thanks to everyone.

John Smith


Festival of the Plough.

Memory Walk

CUMBERWORTH Lodge Care Home would like to thank all the people who donated and supported the 26 mile Alzheimer’s Society memory walk from Stonehenge to Avebury on September 11, 2011.

It was a fantastic day and the home is hoping to raise in excess of £1,400, the walk itself is set to generate about £120,000.

The generosity from local business, local residents, staff members at Cumberworth Lodge and families of residents was absolutely amazing.

We would especially like to thank the hairdressers, Saab garage and post office in Westwoodside, the Haxey Gate pub, Kings Arms in Haxey, residents of Hayfield Close, Granary Croft, all those who donated on gala day a special thank you to Mr Bob Campbell for his personal support and fundraising efforts.

The walk itself was a challenging event but very rewarding and something which is very close to us at the home.

Many thanks again to those who helped to make this a very successful day.

Alisa, Karen, Debbie, Maxine and John

Cumberworth Lodge


The Visitor

Mrs Hunnisett came from Bentley

A large, portly lady

Like a ship in full sail

She was a Primitive Methodist preacher

After her service in our PMC

She came to us for tea

Her chat with me was brief

But something about her was very warm and secure

She felt like a close friend

I recall her voice

Smooth, melodic, deep and sincere Her large, lined face

Would break into a crinkled mass of jollity

I think she liked jelly.

Colin Ella