Letters - September 29

Re recent reports of robberies (Free Press September 15, P1):I had been broken in to in exactly the same way she had. Memories had been taken from me ie jewellery, some bought by my late husband, friends and relatives. Some of which date back to my youth, including items from my late mother, father and a dear army friend. So I can also equate with the other article where the lady lost her engagement ring and late husband’s wedding ring.

It seems to me that the people that do these robberies have no conscience or feelings as we are all widows..

What I would really like to bring to the fore is the fact that I would like to warn everybody that the Bentley area is being targeted. There have been several burglaries on my estate and on the Bentley Road recently.

This is not a new thing, although it has been quiet up until now.

I have been subject to this several times throughout the 80s and 90s treasured possessions were taken then. I have a new partner now and he had money and a laptop taken this time. He shares with me the anger of people being in our house. He knows how I felt about the pieces of jewellery that my late husband had bought me.

What these robbers do not understand is that while some items may not cost very much in monetary value, there is often a great deal of sentiment and memories attached to the item that cannot be replaced ever. Especially as in each case the husband is no longer there to replace them.

I would just like to appeal to the robbers (if that is possible) to at least return Debra Ashcroft’s photographs and box they were in as they can be of no use to them.

In my own case, the items span a long and varied life and career, my husband and I were both in the army and he was well known in the community.

It has also deepened my daughters dislike for the area and that she would never want to return to my house permanently, she has been the person who has discovered most of our robberies.

Pat Bouse, Bentley

Well done to our young people

The Doncaster Freemen were delighted to see 35 young people age 16-19 collecting their Young People’s Award Certificates at the recent Mansion House presentation by the civic mayor, a credit to Doncaster’s young people in general.

We hope to repeat the awards in 2012.

Through the columns of the Free Press, who gave excellent coverage of the event, we would like to thank Peglers (Yorkshire) for covering the cost of refreshments and some of the brochure costs, donations from individual Freemen and others, reprographics help for The Hayfield School, the civic mayor’s office for allowing us the use of the Mansion House venue, and Yvonne Woodcock for arranging Mansion House tours. Our thanks also to Doncaster secondary schools and college for nominating students, all schools participated.

The Doncaster Freemen Group rely on donations and sponsorship to cover costs of events and their brochure and leaflets seeking to be ‘Positive about Doncaster’. To date we’ve had sponsorship from Polypipe, Peglers and Direct Water Services UK Ltd.

Any company or individual willing to help out can send a cheque to Doncaster Freemen Group via myself.

Tony Storey, Chair of Freemen Group, 9 The Paddock, Lound, Retford, Notts, DN22 8RR

Is this the end of our market?

Is this a nail in the coffin for Doncaster Market?

Yet another pair of traders have decided that enough is enough, and will no longer be opening up their outdoor vegetable stall on a Tuesday.

The husband and wife team have been turning out for their loyal customers for decades - so what has prompted this decision?

The fact that they can no longer tolerate the foul language, the abuse, the drinking and drugs habits of the riff-raff which daily populate the market area near The Red Lion.

The undesirables scare off the customers, and profit margins have plummeted.

Where are the police, the market authorities when they are needed? Although the problem has been reported time and time again, they are seldom to be seen.

If Doncaster Market is to survive, the traders and their customers have to be protected properly - otherwise these mindless oafish and offensive thugs will have won the battle. They’ve already won this skirmish. If action isn’t taken now, it will all be too late, and, I fear, all too soon....

Phil Penfold, Lawn Road, Doncaster.

Get help for your illness

It is sometimes the case that people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes come away from appointments with health professionals feeling confused about their treatment or it may be that they haven’t asked the questions they wanted to ask.

This can be for a variety of reasons, such as “I didn’t want to bother the doctor” or “once I was there, I forgot to ask”, and many more.

We are a registered charity and our latest free newsletters, for people using insulin and for people with Type 2 diabetes on diet and tablets, aim to give people information and support so that they can get the most out of their appointments with their health care professionals.

There are tips on how to manage the actual appointment or consultation effectively, your rights as a patient, the standards of care you should expect and what to do if things go wrong.

We are all facing changes to the NHS with the government’s reforms, much of which many of us don’t understand, so it is important that we have this information if we are to make sure that we receive the high quality care and treatment that we have been promised and to which we are entitled.

We are happy to send out these free newsletters to your readers if they contact the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) on (01604) 622837, email enquiries@iddtinternational.org or write to IDDT, PO Box 294, Northampton NN1 4XS.

We do hope you will let your readers know how we can help.

Jenny Hirst, IDDT, www.iddtinternational.org

Thank you for finding family

I am writing to thank you for running the request for relatives of the Marshall family which has roots in Doncaster.

Shortly after my request appeared in your paper I got a phone call from Wilfred Marshall’s niece. We have shared information and she is thrilled to find out where her uncle was living in Canada and where he was buried in France during the First World War.

You have no idea how much this means to our family here in Canada to be able to return these papers and information to the Marshall family in England.

Sandy McAlister, Strathcanna Court SW, Calgary, Alberta

Best evening in a long time

May I use your newspaper to thank Mr Alan Moseley and the choir for arranging the best evening ‘entertainment I have had since losing my husband last November.

It was an Old Time Music Hall singalong: Under the Arches, You made me love you, etc. The rafters were raised, The choir dressed in yesteryear costumes, it was beautiful, such fun.

We had to raise funds for St Laurence’s Church building fund for putting a toilet and kitchen in the beautiful church.

It beats TV repeats.

C E Gray, Stafford Road, Woodlands

Mayor is right, cut councillors

Well, they are at it again, our beloved council spits its dummy out again.

While closing old people centres and social education centres, they are prepared to spend £125,000 to try and get rid of the elected mayor position.

Mr Davies has got it right, there are too many of them, a reduction to his proposed 21 is right, and will save money as Doncaster needs to do.

Why spend or waste an obscene amount of money to change a system that is working?

Mr Davies has done a good job up to now, and we, the people, voted for the elected mayor system,

It is my opinion that Labour has been in power too long in Doncaster, and this is a lifelong Labour voter saying it, but no more, I will not vote Labour again in local elections.

Get yourselves sorted and work with the elected mayor, like adults should.

Jim Wilson, Redhouse Park, Bawtry Road, Hatfield Woodhouse

Come along to school reunion

A school reunion was held last month for 50 year olds (1978) who had left Balby High School.

It has spurred some of us 1980 school leavers to organise one for us.

So, if anyone from 1980 leavers, Balby High School (or you were with us in 1975-77 until you went to Grammer) has a burning desire to catch up after 31 years and recognises any of these names, Sharon Starr, Tracey Stewart (Day), Paul (Dave) Smith, Bob Forsythe (Rob Wellborne) Helen Parkes, Teresa Sylvester, Shaun Stenson, to name but a few, please get in touch via facebook. (its that new fangled thing, no more chalk and blackboard for us). If any of our old teachers would like to join us, and see how we turned out. Mr Bright, Mr Kaill, Miss Firth, Mrs Maynard, Mr Hopkinson, to name a few.

Look forward to meeting up on November 12.

Sharon Starr, Balby

Florist’s win well deserved

Re the media report ‘Florist is quick out of stalls to win Leger honour’.

I concur with the result of the St Leger Festival’s best decorated shop, Bennetthorpe floristry business, Lord Hurst, which I pass almost every day and I agree it is always quite an attraction.It would have been nice to learn how the judging panel fared with the runners-up.

One business that is always an eye catcher, for those travelling from the Doncaster bypass at Warmsworth to the races through the Balby corridor, is Cherubs dress shop on High Road.

What a splendid array of beautiful dresses there is on display with the window being changed daily. How many Doncaster businesses possess the acumen and dedication to do this?

Cherubs takes me back to my school days when I lived in Baxtergate and was taken by my mother around town, almost daily, to gaze into the windows of small independent shops, now a bygone age.

Mrs Johnson, Bessacarr

How long to dismantle them?

Your article on the Marr windmills mentions they will take three days to erect, but doesn’t say how long it would take to dismantle them, which would be of much wider public interest.

Brian Bullock, Central Boulevard, Doncaster