Letters, September 27, 2012

IN response to the letter written by Bettee Hemingway (Freeviews, September 20). I would like to make the following comment.

I fully agree with her statement that anybody should be able to choose to smoke if he or she so wishes, even though it is worldwide known, that smoking is detrimental to ones health. As smoking is not a criminal offence (at least not yet) surely nobody should have the right, to criticise those who want to smoke?

Therefore, a law should be passed by Parliament, that whoever suffers any sort of illness as a direct result of smoking, should have no right whatsoever for free treatment by the NHS.

Any person, who has enough money to pay for the purchase of cigarettes, must also make sure, that he or she has enough money to pay for any treatment needed, as a consequence of having decided to smoke.

There is no justification whatsoever that the State should be held responsible or liable for self-inflicted illnesses or diseases due to smoking. The duty and responsibility of the NHS should solely be, to give free care to those people, who are just unfortunate to get ill or injured.

Mr A Hirsch, Hartland Crescent, Edenthorpe

College should 
set an example

THE Government recently announced its one month campaign launching in October - named ‘Stoptober’ - to get smokers to quit for good. It cited evidence which suggests a 28-day period off smoking can increase the chances os someone quitting completely.

Doncaster College has many young people enrolled on courses who smoke, this is witnessesed daily by the number of students stood outside the college smoking. However, the number if staff who smoke is also significant.

Staff include academic tutors and lecturers and support staff.

These member so of staff should be setting an example to the students and yet they are allowed to smoke in the college grounds alongside somewhat impressionable students. members of staff can be seen outside smoking at all times of day and this activity is not discourtaged in any way.

No smoking signs are placed outside on the College walls but are largely ignored.

It is felt that an educational establishment such as Doncaster College should enforce a strict no smoking policy for staff and not allow staff to take plentiful smoke breaks during the day.

This would set a clear example to the students and hopefully encourage them to take part in ‘Stobtober’ even higher. Help change a child’s life during Stoptober smoking month.

Name and address supplied

Smokers choose to risk their health

AS a life long non-smoker who had bronchitis last winter and my cough lasted a few months, I am sick of smokers wanting to smoke in no-smoking zones and wanting to force non-smokers to passive smoke.

The smoking ban introduced in 2007 is for the non-smokers’ rights to be free from having to passive smoke whenever they are in under covered public places.

In reply to Bettee Hemingway (DFP, Freeviews, September 20), non-smokers have got every right to choose to be non-smokers and to choose to not wish to passive smoke, smokers have got no right to force any non smokers to passive smoke.

Smokers may smoke in any outdoor place and risk their health with their filthy habit to their heart’s content, as long as they keep their habit to themselves.

In 1994, the entertainer Roy Castle who was a lifelong non smoker died of a passive smoking related illness. That means that nobody can say that passive smoking won’t do anybody and harm.

Dick Appleyard, Lingfield Close, Saxilby, Lincolnshire

After Hillsborough, what about strike?

WITH the truth starting to emerge regarding policing and reporting of the Hillsborough Disaster, our condolences go out to all families affected by the tragic happening.

Can we look forward to more inquiries regarding truthful and factual reporting of other situations which have had police interviewing and reporting.

The 1985 miners’ strike was a prime example. Ask all the people who actually witnessed the situations not just the few with the establishment point of view.

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

You’ve got it wrong on lorries

I HAVE faith in our mayor, Peter Davies; I voted for him and would do so again. He is an earthy, “tell it as it is” chap, who is doing his very best for Doncaster.

Nevertheless; his recently reported comments regarding the “Tesco delivery drivers” are wide of the mark; I believe Mr Davies has spent the majority of his working life teaching, therefore he may not fully understand modern business methods or the pressures that are placed upon managers to show a profit.

He criticises “Eddie Stobart” for financing a race day at the St Leger meeting, whilst at the same time, allegedly, they intend to make 183 drivers at the Doncaster Tesco depot redundant. The decision of those responsible for Eddie Stobart advertising, took the decision to sponsor the race day in 2011, consequently, it is quite irrelevant to the redundancy decision.

Tesco; has recently suffered a fall in profits. Clearly, their management see advantages in divesting themselves of their own delivery transport.

The large international transport company, Eddie Stobart, has been awarded the contract. Eddie Stobart management would be failing in its duty to shareholders if it did not operate this contract in a way that maximised profits.

It would seem that they have calculated that they have a surplus of drivers and intend to rationalise this situation.

I know this is a miserable situation for the drivers; I can empathise with them, it happened to me twice in my working career.

However; our mayor should realise that unless he would prefer to live in a “Soviet style” economy that finds everyone a job regardless of the economics, he must learn to avoid shooting from the hip and accept that this type of setback will sometimes occur.

He must also learn that the responsibilities and pressures faced in business are a world away from those faced by public sector employees such as school teachers, or elected mayors. A private sector manager must do more than balance the books, breaking even will get him the sack!

P Smith, Poplar Terrace, Bentley