Letters, September 22

It made bad reading in last week’s edition of the DFP that the council want to get landlords involved with the empty houses around Doncaster. Don’t they realise the new breed of landlords have caused more problems and damage to areas with the clientele they put in them as long as they get their rent?

We don’t need landlords involved, just give them over to St Leger or a bonafide estate agent who would vet who they put in them.

You only need to come to Hyde Park Six Streets to see what landlords have done to our area. We have overcrowding, wrong clientele, anti-social problems. Anyone who have not got private landlords near them, heaven help.

Coun Mullis, please rethink on this one.

Mr Lionel Overson, Childers Street, Hyde Park

Let’s honour our achievers

It would appear that Doncaster is not a town to be from if you are an achiever. I refer to a campaign I am leading to have what I believe to be the outstanding achievements of Hatfield’s Jamie McDonnell recognised by his home town. Jamie recently became British, Commonwealth, and European bantamweight boxing champion. I wrote to elected mayor Peter Davies asking for Jamie to be considered for the status of ‘Freeman of Doncaster’. It would appear the mayor has poured cold water on this idea, In Doncaster we have 63 paid councillors, we have a civic mayor, why have none of these come forward to honour this young man? We have at present 12 ‘Freemen’ of Doncaster, why don’t we make it a few more? Jamie McDonnell, Ben Parkinson, and I am sure there are many more worthy candidates. Maybe some of our present ‘Freemen’ who shout about promoting the “positives of Doncaster” would like to support my campaign.

Doncaster is not doing enough for the achievers of our town. Well one positive in all this, Hatfield Town Council will be officially recognising Jamie’s achievements. When will we ever see another triple title holder at boxing? Maybe never. Well done Jamie.

I think Mayor Davies has missed a golden opportunity to promote Doncaster,

Mick Glynn, (Hatfield Town Councillor), Doncaster Road, Hatfield

Read Liam Hoden’s interview with Jamie - P96

Closing libraries is vandalism

It seems examples of anti-social behaviour should be reported to Cynthia Ransome.

Perhaps the first one I would refer to is the vote in cabinet to close Sprotbrough Library (in her ward) that she made earlier this year and is an act of vandalism (my words!); that library having been created in 1973 by the previous West Riding County Council using OUR money as is the stock of books that she and our elected mayor seem to think are of no value.

David Marriott, Saxton Ave, Bessacarr.

Thank you to my Good Samaritans

On Wednesday September 7, 2011 at 12.30pm I was walking along Thorne Road when I tripped and fell full length on the pavement hitting my face with some force. Almost immediately a postman who had been delivering mail came to my aid and stayed with me until I felt able to stand again, blood pouring from my nose. He said a taxi would be arriving soon and it did indeed. The lady taxi driver asked me if I wanted to go to DRI for a check up, which I declined, and she then took me straight home, as she was on her way home.

Thank you very much both of you. I didn’t manage to get your names, but you know who you are, two good samaritans.

Mary Dye, Beckett Road, Doncaster

Why shorten these names?

Why does the sports? reporter who covers cricket matches insist on shortening the names of villages? Barnby Dun becomes Barnby, Hooton Pagnall becomes Hooton.

There is another Hooton near Conisbrough, Hooton Roberts and Barnby Moor isn’t too far away.

Mrs B White, Brecks Lane, Kirk Sandall

A Greek lament

Goodbye Euro, we must leave you our economy’s not well.

Goodbye Euro, we must leave you, we’ve nothing left to sell,

Adrieu, Merkel and Sarkosy Europe’s fate we can’t foretell.

Funeral bells are sadly tolling, Euroland - farewell.

H Santiuste, Coningsburgh, Edenthorpe

They don’t know about real life

Re: Mr Martin Weale on interest rates (Freeviews,August 25).

What planet are these people on? They simply have no idea of the financial pressure people from all walks of life are under.

Mr Weale advocates people should save ten per cent extra or be disappointed in retirement.

What on earth have they been doing to allow the UKs economy to get into such a state. It beggars belief, nine Bank of England policy makers, the Fred Goodwin click. Heaven knows how many government blunderers from any other establishment. Surely some rockets would be in order?

The former people have nothing to lose their inflated salaries are safe come what may.

Are there not a lot of disadvantaged people around today whom have lost confidence in the whole monetary system in its present state, to speak of people being disappointed in the future bares no substance.

They conveniently make no comment regarding previous savers and how they have plundered their interest from savings.

The whole issue is so one-sided, it’s about time Mr Mervyn King got a grip.

Furthermore the EU are our biggest enemy. If they are not sorted, no-one will have the attorney over their own money.

Mr Stephen R Clark, Corporation Avenue, Misson

My 24-hour alarm is fine

I have had a community alarm system from the council for several years, and at a cost of £39 a quarter, I regard it as excellent. Consider the psychological and insurance value of having help available at the touch of a button, tremendous comfort. The warden visiting service provided personal contact for a few minutes each day, but on balance I would opt for the 24 hour service.

Jim Chambers, Ivanhoe Way, Sprotbrough

Have a clear-out for charity

I am writing to thank your readers for the support you’ve shown so far for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops’ BIG Donation stock appeal.

The campaign, happening throughout September, is huge this year – each shop is hoping to bring in 1,116 bags of donated items which could raise £22,320 to help the fight against heart disease.

There’s still time for everyone in the area to get involved and it’s really easy. Fill up a bag and pop down to your local BHF shop today. And it doesn’t have to be clothes - good quality CDs, DVDs, books, toys and bric-a-brac – even sofas and beds - are also welcome. BHF Furniture & Electrical stores ffer a fantastic free collection service for those larger household items -just book online.

For more information on the BIG Donation and to book a free collection visit bhf.org.uk/bigdonation. To find your nearest BHF Shop or BHF Furniture and Electrical Store call 0844 412 5000.

Nadia Sawalha (Actress and TV Presenter) c/o BHF, Greater London House,180 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7AW

Try eating some game

October 1 is the official start of the pheasant shooting season. As the season gets underway, there will be plenty of affordable, locally-sourced and tasty game meat available. Try a tasty pheasant casserole or ask your butcher about venison. Game meat is becoming increasingly popular and independent market researcher Mintel predicts UK sales will reach £84 million this year. The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), works all year round to encourage people to try game meat, which is healthy and highly nutritious. Shoot providers spend £250 million a year on conservation and shooting is involved in the management of two thirds of the rural land area. People who shoot put in 2.7 million work days on conservation projects every year. For more information and some easy game recipes, visit www.basc.org.uk

Debbie Collins, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham

We’d welcome your mayor

What a breath of fresh air.

I have just read about the policies of your inspirational mayor in our North Shore Times (Auckland, New Zealand). If he ever wants to emigrate he will be welcomed with open arms by Auckland ratepayers.

Denis Trotman, 288 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

Let me have your memories

My name is William Gorman. I have spent the last seven years recording the war time memories of men who served in 44 Brigade of the 15th Scottish Division in World War Two. If you served in this brigade or know of soeone who did, I would like ot hear from you.

Units in this brigade include: 6th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers; 8th Bn Royal Scots; 6th Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers; 15th Reconnaissance Regiment; 194 Field Ambulance RAMC; 181st Field Regiment RA; 1st Bn The Middlesex Regiment.

William D Gorman, 18A North Main Street, Wigtown, Newton Stewart, Scotland, DG8 9HL, wgorman@hotmail,com

Care system is failing many

I am extremely concerned about the current state of the care system in this area and the country as a whole.

It is not only failing the elderly but those with illnesses and disabilities alike.

We should no longer tolerate a system which leaves many with no support and others with poor quality services.

A survey by the National Autistic Society found that two-thirds of adults with autism do not have the support they need and as a result a third had developed mental health problems.

Recently, Andrew Dilnot released a report on how the system can be improved. As a local resident and a supporter of The National Autistic Society, I would like to appeal to our local MPs to bring this issue to parliament and help make Dilnot’s suggestions a reality.

Without this, people will continue to be left to cope without the support they desperately need.

Mrs Michelle Cresswell, Whiphill Lane, Armthorpe