Letters, September 20, 2012

St Michael's Church in Rossington Old Village looks glorious in the September sunshine. Picture: Ian Simms from Rossington.
St Michael's Church in Rossington Old Village looks glorious in the September sunshine. Picture: Ian Simms from Rossington.
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IN response to the letter from Linda Howe (August 23), I absolutely agree that we need to eliminate litter and overflowing bins from the streets of the borough.

Doncaster Council is committed to promoting clean, attractive public spaces for the benefit of everyone, and residents play a vital part in achieving this.

We have a rigorous street cleaning programme which includes daily street sweeping and the emptying of all litter bins within the town centre. The town’s approach roads are cleaned every week and our housing estates are cleaned each fortnight.

Occasionally bins need to be emptied before the cleaners are due in the area. If this happens we encourage residents to contact our FLAG team on 01302 736000 .

When a call is made to the FLAG team we guarantee to deal with the issue within 24 hours. If a bin is regularly overfilled we will also assess whether an additional bin is required at that location.

I would urge all residents to help us keep the town clean by reporting any litter problems.

On a positive note if the town’s litter bins are regularly filled up then it is a sign that our campaign against dropping litter is achieving its goal.

Councillor Cynthia Ransome, Doncaster Council

New flights are what RHA needs

AS a supporter of the Airport since Peel held their first meeting in Rossington in 1999, it was disappointing to read the airport’s justifications for parking and approach road restrictions.

The barriers were introduced following the Glasgow terrorist incident and were a gross over reaction to a risk that could have been dealt with using steel bollards near the doors.

In my view Robin Hood Airport quickly saw this as an opportunity to make money through parking charges and fines especially if planes or baggage are delayed. I am surprised they are now even allowed to charge fines on an EU publicly funded road that is also a through fare to other premises such as the Encore hotel or Hill House School.

Instead of trying to maximise revenue from their existing customers, RDA should be securing more flights so the price of flights is reduced and convenience of travel improved instead of having to drive to Manchester or East Midlands.

The original regeneration proposals promised 2.3 million passengers and 7,300 jobs by 2014, these sort of figures will only be achieved by 2020 if more destinations are attracted securing more passengers, not creaming off more money and alienating existing ones.

We have used the road at various times of day and season and have never been hindered by the odd waiting car or off loading passengers – it isn’t yet Heathrow!

Martin Hall, Sandbeck Court, Bawtry

Save stamps for dogs for disabled

WiTH recycling being an important subject these days, I thought your readers might like to hear about Canine Partners, a charity that is asking people to collect their used stamps which can then be turned into funds to help train more dogs for people with disabilities.

It doesn’t cost anything, and anyone can help - individuals, businesses and schoolchildren can start collecting stamps which will ultimately make a difference to the life of a disabled person.

All kinds of stamps are welcome, on or off paper. You need to leave no more than a 5mm single thickness border around them, and the perforations should not be damaged. Any commemorative or special stamps should be sent, or handed over, separately.

Collected stamps can be dropped off at one of the Charity’s 13 puppy satellite centres all across the UK, including their training centre in Heyshott, near Midhurst in West Sussex, and their new centre in Osgathorpe, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire.

The contact details for these satellites are on the Canine Partners’ website www.caninepartners.org.uk. Alternatively you can send the stamps direct to the address below, (please ensure the correct postage is paid when sending them) and the money raised will go straight into the Canine Partners account:

Canine Partners Stamp Appeal, PO Box 638, Fareham, Hampshire PO14 9JJ

We can choose to smoke

I’M sick to death of the non-smoking fraternity trying to foist their stupid theories on us smokers.

The non-smokers’ brigade are such a bore, like a broken record. This dictation should be ignored. It’s people’s right to choose. I’m still smoking.

Bettee Hemingway, Jarratt Street, Hyde Park

Give the young 
a chance

HAVING read the article written in the Free Press (September 13) that discussed the worsening appearance and under use of the new Nigel Gresley Square it became apparent that the writer responsible was either suffering from a severe hatred of young people or has themselves forgotten what it is like to be young.

You blamed the skateboarding fraternity for the degenerative state of the concrete and talked about ‘pushing the skateboarders out elsewhere’.

Where do you suggest they go? Maybe to the dimly-lit and isolated so-called skate parks that the council half-heatedly provided? Or to the new indoor centre at Marshgate that costs ten pounds a day and has a £15 joining fee? That’s fine if you have wealthy parents.

This attitude is typical of the small-minded approach to young people by the British public, who feel that young people should remain hidden away.

Young people are our most valuable assets and should be treated as something worth investing time and money in, not pushed out or penalised through Government cuts that have decimated nearly all youth provision.

Andy Maddison, Heathfield Close, Barnby Dun

A little patience would help

I WOULD like to thank the couple who felt it acceptable to beep, shout the odds and belittle me whilst off loading my car outside my shop.

Granted we are on one of the busiest junctions in Doncaster and it does cause a slight inconvenience to those passing when we load, but surely people have enough about them to see what I am doing and allow for some consideration for the whole two minutes it took me, after all no-one else seemed to mind.

Unfortunately for me, our loading sign says before 8am, and it was 8.02am by the time I moved my car but, my goodness, do people really have that little to do in their own lives that they have to nitpick over two minutes?

Where else do you propose I off-load, or maybe you think my sweets just magically appear in the jars?

Perhaps you would like to offer your services and come along to help me offload every Tuesday from our car parking spot ten minutes away? No? Well then, perhaps you should keep your hands off the horn, your rude comments to yourself and you should mind your own business.

People wonder why Doncaster is losing all their privately-owned shops like mine, and why they are all big corporate companies. I suggest moronic behaviour and single-minded people like this are the reason, and I thank you for spoiling my day.

Katy Collins, Sweet Escape, 72 Silver Street

Thanks for all the support

WE would like to thank all the members of our audiences who contributed to our collection for the St John’s Hospice, Doncaster, following each performance of “Calendar Girls” at the Civic theatre last Week.

The show was presented by ICE Productions and was a great success. We managed to raise £2410 for the hospice. Thanks again for supporting this good cause.

Ian Coley, Director ICE Productions

Happy memories of rock n roll

I WANT to say a very big thank you to all the cast of ‘Dreamboats & Petticoats’ show that we saw on Thursday, 13 September.

What a true rock’n’roll evening we had. Wonderful songs, great guitar and organ sounds, upbeat drumming and those ‘rasping’ saxophones.

A great sound that took us back to our ‘jiving’ days, Mexborough Empress, Rawmarsh Baths, Doncaster Baths, to name but a few.

What a joy it would have been to get up on the stage and jive with any of the ‘girls’. Once again, a million thanks for an excellent nights entertaiment.

May I also take this opportunity to say good luck to all the cyclists taking part in the London to Paris run for Bluebell Wood later this month, especially my nephew & his wife, (Chris and Jeanette Hiblin). I just know you will make it.

David Harrison, Conisbrough.

Watch out for signs of cancer

TEENAGE Cancer Awareness Week is running from 1 to 7 October. Six young people are diagnosed with cancer every day.As cancer in young people is rare, the symptoms can be easily missed.

The most common signs of cancer in 13 to 24 year olds, which are persistent and unexplained, are pain, a lump, bump or swelling, extreme tiredness, significant weight loss, changes in a mole. Most of the time the problem will be something else, but it’s important young people have the confidence to talk about it, just in case.

Simon Davies,

Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust

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