Letters: October 9, 2014

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Free Press readers have thier say

When reading the article on the success stories on pubs affiliated to the Doncaster Best Bar None scheme that has been operating for a good many years, it came to mind that Doncaster should run a Bar None Worse scheme.

Town centre pubs are the main culprits.

Although many pubs and clubs are run and managed well, there are some which really do need to take stock on both the running and maintenance of their establishments, just like rented properties that belong to the rogue landlords.

Toilet facilities are dated to the Victorian era, filthy and decaying, with no hot running water, towels or soap. Ceilings are collapsing and roofs leaking and not forgetting the stench filtering through the rooms.

The council environmental officers should take time to visit all the licensed premises and put improvements orders on them, otherwise hand out closure notices. That is if Doncaster Council have still have any employed.

Mr W Henson, Southfield Road, Armthorpe

Changes in the pipeline

I read with interest the letter from a resident published in the Free Press on September 25 about their experiences of people parking on the streets surrounding Doncaster Royal Infirmary. 
Firstly I would like to apologise to all our neighbours for the frustration and inconvenience caused by visitors and staff parking on the roads near to DRI.

We know that living next door to one of the largest employers in Doncaster can be very challenging, especially when there is a line of cars continually parked outside your front door on most days. This is why we are doing all we can to encourage our staff and visitors to use the NHS DRI Park and Ride service, which still has spaces for many more cars.

While a great many people do take the advantage of this free service, we know that sometimes it is not convenient for everyone, and we are looking at ways to make this service more attractive.

We will be introducing a number of disabled parking spaces at the racecourse park and ride for those who have difficulty walking. We are also changing the current bus timetable so that it fits in better with staff shift times. 
Once these changes have been made we hope that even more people will use this service and hopefully reduce the amount of cars parked on the roads around the Doncaster Royal Infirmary site.

Mike Pinkerton, Chief exMike Pinkerton, Chief Executive of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals

We’re better together

The recent boundary review relating to Barnby Dun is yet another decision that will anger residents.
Since 2004, the last boundary review, Barnby Dun has been with Kirk Sandall and Edenthorpe. All have seen significant change and a certain amount of prosperity from this ward. 
I for one don’t want the change. As a ward councillor I believe we are better together and as such have started a campaign “Better Together”. 
I have suggested to the commission to reduce the number of councillors as it want to two, but leave the ward boundary as it stands. 
I would ask that residents look out for notice of a public meeting and to make any objections to the commission through its website.

Coun Paul Bissett, DMBC ward councillor for Kirk Sandall, Edenthorpe and Barnby Dun

Time is ripe for change

After the town hosted the UKIP conference and the other parties have fed or about to serve us their same old dribble, promising the world and coming up with nothing both locally or nationally, the time is now ripe for UKIP to take this town by the scruff of the neck in the 2015 local elections.

The Tories will always hold a few seats in the council chamber but will never be strong enough to change policies that the Labour club have forced upon us for years.

We keep reading articles where the elected mayor is praising all and sundry about the great inroads happening in the borough. When is she going to get back to normality and get out and about and see the total demise of Doncaster which is happening around us?

Doncaster is the landfill site of South Yorkshire, the filth and squalor on every street is there to be seen, even more so when the green box people and the bin men have visited.

We don’t even get the litter bins emptied daily now and sweeping the footpaths is now a forgotten thing. Mind you, Lister Avenue was cleansed daily while they were filming Open All Hours.

UKIP, you now have the opportunity in the coming months to rid Doncaster of the shambles that call themselves socialists and give Doncaster something to look forward to, and that also includes the three MPs.

Mr G Tilson, Clarence Avenue, Balby

Ignoring safety laws

Regarding the story about the lane which runs off of Ings Lane Arksey. 
How pleased the resdidents are that ‘someone’ laid a new surface and put speed bumps in place. They are now up in arms about DMBC’s need to remove them due to that ‘fact that this ‘someone’ did not go through the proper channels of planning permission and more to the point of public safety.

This is a public/bridle right of way. These people chose to build their houses down that lane and some of the residents have live there between 15 and 40 years.

The farmers using the lane have made it good if it gets too bad. I wonder also if their insurance companies have seen it?
As for those saying that DMBC are wasting taxpayers’ money by removing the bumps, they’re right there, but it’s those residents at fault in the first place.

I feel that they all should be fined for obstructon and ignoring public safety and traffic safety laws.

Mrs K Betts, Station Road, Arksey

My vote will be going to..

I read with great interest the list of candidates for the upcoming election for the position of a South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

After the fiasco involving the former holder of the post, ex-Labour councillor Shaun Wright, who brought local politics into total and utter disrepute and the failings of our three Doncaster MPs - who should have been aware of Mr Wright’s total unsuitability as a party candidate yet sat back and allowed him to stand for an important public post - it is time for a big change.

On reading the candidates list it is painfully obvious that only one candidate has any detailed knowledge of the working of the police force. That candidate is UKIP’s Mr Jack Clarkson; a former Sheffield policeman of some 30 years loyal service. Surely an understanding of the police service should have been part of the criteria for anyone seeking to become a police commissioner?

Reading Mr Clarkson’s campaign leaflet you can only have admiration for the man who, if elected, is willing to give back 25 per cent of his salary to the community of South Yorkshire. He will certainly be getting my vote.

South Yorkshire’s police force needs some good news after it’s recent devastating and damaging bad press.

Coun Mick Glynn, UKIP Hatfield town councillor, Doncaster Road, Hatfield,

Why rush shake-up ?

So we now know that Labour run Doncaster council are quite happy privatising social care services, what a wonderful idea to shift the burden of blame from an inept council for the widespread abuse of children, vulnerable adults and the elderly in care.

I should imagine the families of these elderly people will take heart knowing their loved ones will receive care during the day and at night the wider community will be responsible.

The government safeguarding policy of May 2013 encourages the care provider to listen to the wishes of the client which I whole-heartedly endorse. But what if the client is borderline dementia or Alzheimer affected, what then?

Here’s some questions for the council. What happens when it becomes apparent the service isn’t able to provide the care required? Who reports this and to who? How can service providers CRB check migrant workers? Does the council not think that the four zones proposal suggested is wholly wrong as there is a conflict of interest, that being their financial involvement?

Why the rush and why no public consultation?

Anne Rutherford, Norwood Road, Dunscroft

Parties are worrying

With a general election months away we shall be getting all the normal political promises from the main parties.

The two main issues that the voters want to see sorted are the EU and immigration. We won’t hold out for any of the main three to give the electorate what they hope for.

We are told the EU is good for us - I think they mean them - and that we need Europe. We didn’t join to be dictated to by Brussels and throw millions away hand over foot.

The sceptics say our trade and industry will be affected and thousands of jobs will be lost. They forgot when we joined we left Canada, New Zealand and Australia in the lurch.

The same three parties are now name calling UKIP. Let’s get this right, if they had listened to the people in the first place there would never have been the need for UKIP to have been formed.

We shall forget the Lib Dems, but I bet Labour and Conservatives are getting worried that there won’t be an outright winner and they will have to get into bed with UKIP. And we all know what happens when you get in bed with strangers don’t we?

Lionel Overson, Childers Street, Hyde Park

Poor will be squeezed

Our wonderful Chancellor, Mr Osborne has stated that a future Conservative Government would freeze the benefits of people of working age.

He said it would save £3bn and claims the freeze would help reduce the national debt. It would come into effect in 2016, if the Tories win the next election and would effect approximatley 10 million households.

So the poorer people are going to be the ones that are squeezed again, when the people who got us into this mess in the first place were politicians.

This hardly seams fair when next year the politicians are going to get a nine per cent pay rise on their circa £60,000 per year salary and are even going to be allowed anonymity if accused of expenses fraud.

This is supposed to be to protect their reputation, they obviously don’t know what reputations they already have or they wouldn’t bother,

No-one would trust any of them as far as they could throw them.

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

Budget help is at hand

An increase to the National Minimum Wage, which came in to effect recently, is certainly a welcome boost for low income workers who are struggling to make ends meet.

With almost three-fifths of low income working households telling us that their financial situation has worsened in the last year, and two in five reporting that their outgoings now outweigh their earnings, this above-inflation rise is a positive step towards easing the immense pressure on household budgets.

However, with over half of the 13 million people in poverty now living in a working household, it is clear that more needs to be done to tackle this issue.

With difficult financial times ahead, we want to make sure that anyone struggling on a low income is aware of all the support available to them. Our free website – www.turn2us.org.uk can help people check their eligibility for welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.

Our benefits calculator also includes a ‘better-off’ function to show users how a change in employment hours or wages, or unemployment could affect benefits entitlements and overall household income.

With the real impact of wage increases and other economic improvements unlikely to be widely felt for some time, we hope more people in need can access financial support that could make all the difference today.

Alison Taylor, Director of Turn2us

Support runners

In the run up to the Yorkshire Marathon on October 12 the RSPCA would like to ask your readers to come along and be part of our team of supporters.

The RSPCA - the country’s oldest and biggest animal charity - would like volunteers to come along and cheer our runners along the 26.2 mile route through beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

We would like our cheerers to join us at mile seven next to the entertainment between 9am and noon.

As a fun twist, each of our runners have team cat or team dog T-shirts, depending on their favourite animal. We are asking all our volunteers to pick their own team and we will be providing, T-shirts, temporary tattoos, stickers and a pin to attach to your T-shirt on the day.

We would also love any runners who already have their own place to run for us too. Anyone who choses to run for the RSPCA will get a T-shirt, fundraising pack and after party. You can find more information on our website.

We would be so grateful for anyone who was able to give up their time on October 12 to come and join us and make a big difference for animals who really need our help.

Katie Sutcliffe, RSPCA events manager

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