Letters, October 4, 2012

A blue heron at Blacktoft RSPB near Goole. Picture: Rosemary Pointon, from Rossington
A blue heron at Blacktoft RSPB near Goole. Picture: Rosemary Pointon, from Rossington

WITH regard to the hospital parking problems in Wentworth Road/Woodhouse Road area and people putting cones and bins out outside their houses.

The council made the parking problems far worse by yellow lining all the roads behind the hospital, in the Intake side, and along lower Thorne Road, driving staff and visitors into our area.

No thought as usual being given to the extra problems they created to residents around here, which were bad enough before, and to which in my view they have no interest in solving.

How would they like to have to park halfway down the road from where they live and sometimes in the next street carrying your shopping, kids etc, which we often do.

G Shaw, Wentworth Road,Wheatley

Amazed by letter about smokers

I WAS amazed to read the letter written by Mr A Hirsch, stating that smokers should pay for their own treatment. As I’m slim I could say that fat people shouldn’t have treatment. I don’t drink, so I could say that the same applies to drinkers.

I haven’t had children, so I could say that women who have children should pay for treatment.

I could say all this, but I won’t. People who have spend years paying into the NHS have the right to treatment at all times. After all, some people need 24-hour care all their lives. Does Mr Hirsch expect them to pay?

Mrs C Birch, Sprotbrough Road, Doncaster

No treatment? Do we let them die?

IN the September 27, edition of the DFP Freeviews page there was a letter from Mr A Hirsch of Edenthorpe regarding smoking and the gist of his letter was that the state should not be held responsible or liable for self inflicted illness or disease due to smoking and the state should not pay for their treatment.

Taking his letter to its logical conclusion should the state also not be responsible for self-inflicted illness due to drinking, overeating, drug taking and numerous other self inflicted illnesses or diseases. Then of course if the person who is ill could not afford to pay we then let them die?

Vaughan Atter, Sutton Road, Askern

Lighten up, we smokers pay tax

I WOULD like to respond to a letter from Mr A Hirsch regarding smokers.

He says all smokers should not receive any NHS care but should have to pay for treatment then there would if they can afford cigarettes.

Can I make the point that should everyone with a habit have to pay for treatment then there would be no need for the NHS.

I would like to ask the man if he considers alcohol consumption and the people who overeat, become obese then expect free bypass surgery, develop arthritis through excessive weight, are also on his list?

Then there are the people who put themselves in danger, and others by speeding, paragliding, skiing, go carting, the list is endless. Should they have to pay NHS charges for their carelessness?

I am a smoker, not proud of it, and my illness is not smoking-related, but I desperately look forward to a cigarette when my paralysed body demands a bit of comfort.

I was one in Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield where, on the top floor there was a special room for smokers and several patients were wheeled in by nurses, who chose to sit with us, but non-smokers themselves. Compassion at its best. According to research, those rooms may be opened up again because when you’re slowly dying, a cigarette helps to alleviate the pain and fear for a little while.

The tax on cigarettes is astronomical so if everyone stopped smoking then this country would be in far worse state than it is.

Lighten up, consider the pain and suffering of others and end your public grousing.

Christine Ward, Langthwaite Road, Doncaster

It’s a case of 
live and let live

I NEED to comment on the letter by Mr A Hirsch, Edenthorpe, in which he recommends that all smokers defray their own medical costs in the event of a smoking related illness.

Why single out smokers? Do not alcholics and drug addicts also fall in this category? Are they not also responsible for their related illnesses?

As a significant fact, it could be argued that smokers contribute billions in tobacco tax to the Government and as such, could well feel entitled to any NHS consideration!

I stopped smoking some 16 years ago. Not for any health reasons but because successive governments kept raising the tax on my ciggies, and so deprived me of a singular pleasure I enjoyed.

In my opinion, there is no way that any government will ever make smoking a criminal offence. It’s a nice little earner!

So please give it a rest. Smokers have already been made to feel pariahs for an addiction which society, along with advertising, has positively encouraged. Live and let live - nothing wrong with that!

Harry Lincoln 17 Cooper Street, Hyde Park

Can you help me find my brother?

I AM trying to trace my brother, William Alfred Poole (was Benton), born on June 29, 1937. He was adopted by a policeman, PC William Poole in 1939, at the time we were living in Doncaster. There is a chance that he is living in the Mexborough area.

If any relatives or friends can help us trace him please contact me at the address below. I would dearly love to meet him after so many years.

Eileen Pearce (nee Benton), 24 Woodward Avenue, Bacton, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 4LS

Looking for an airman’s relatives

I AM seeking to find relatives and friends of Peter Henry French.

Peter was a pilot with 619 squadron during WW2. In preparation for D Day, their operation was to bomb the railway yards of La Chapelle on the night of April 20, 1944.

The Lancaster and it’s crew were attacked and shot down by a night fighter over France on April 21, 1944.

One member of the crew managed to survive and evade capture, but Peter and the rest of his crew are buried in a Poix-de-Picardie.

I am the relative of John Atkinson, the flight engineer, I am in contact with the sons of both the navigator ( Edmund Tinker RCAF) and the bomb aimer (Jack Thomson RNZAF) . A local historian in Poix is writing an article on these men that gave their lives in liberating France.

We are hoping to find family or persons that have information or some personal background of Peter French.

His mother was called Kathleen French and at the time of the letter they lived in Balby. When reported, the families communicated between each other and so have enclosed a copy of a letter from Peter French’s mother to Mrs Thompson, who was the wife of Jack Thompson, the bomb aimer.

I would be very grateful to hear form anybody that would like to contribute and become involved in honouring Peter and his crew. Please contact me at stevejono@aol.com

Lindsay Hackett

Hospital trip was pleasant surprise

HAVING read stories about neglect and abuse to the elderly in hospitals and care homes, I was very apprehensive, being a pensioner when an ambulance took my husband to Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

I need not have been concerned because everyone involved from ambulance staff to doctors and everybody in A&E and the medical assessment wards were great.

All the team were very friendly and helpful, particularly Sam Salton and Rowena to name just a couple of them. Plus the food was also good.

A big thank you to you all.

Christina Balme, Oak Tree Road, Branton

New pensions? It’s history repeating

HERE we go again. ‘Workplace Pensions’ - yet another scheme out Government has dreamed up, or rather nightmare.

Lack of paper prevents me listing such schemes in my 47 years in the workplace. All that happens, like now, is that private pensions are raided to prop up one’s state pension to social security level. And whatever rules and promises are made will be altered like the final salary becoming average earnings. Having heard the phrase ageing population a thousand times, I head for the bathroom.

Of course this is the cause of all the world’s financial problems, albeit one of five brothers, we rejoice in an average age of 64.

A M Frost, Broad Lane, Sykehouse

Play park plagued by gangs at night

THROUGH your newspaper I would like to pass my comments to DMBC about the childrens’ play park (known as Gazely Park) recently constructed in Wickett Hern Road Armthorpe.

Time and money has been spent creating this new play park together with the erection of security gates and 10ft high fence around the site.

Unfortunately the security is non existent, the gates are not locked at night and therefore gangs of youths are using the park after dark for anti social behaviour leaving bottles, cans and take away cartons strewn all over the site.

As someone in their wisdom agreed to have this park constructed next to OAP bungalows they are now experiencing anti-social behaviour from gangs on their way to the site knocking on their windows, running over their gardens and verbal abuse.

It can be seen that a lot of time and expense has gone into creating this childrens’ play park it is a shame that in a short period of time it may turn out to be a white elephant, when the money could have been better spent.

Even some visitors who bring children to enjoy the facilities still insist on causing an obstruction by parking on the busy road in stead of using the brand new purpose built car park at the side of the play area.

Mr K Jennings, Gunhills Lane, Armthorpe

Are they trying to kill Olympic spirit?

ENGLAND Athletics have recently written to all Athletic Clubs to increase membership affiliation fees from £5 to £20 per member.

This will see the demise of many clubs, with no direct benefit for clubs from this increase.

What happened to the Olympic Legacy? They obviously think we are awash with money, all this will do is drive people away from athletics!

Kev Lincoln, Chairman, Doncaster Athletics Club